Aor/Melodic Rock Band Starmen Is Back with Their Third Album In March 2021, ‘By the Grace of Rock’n’Roll’ Video Released


In February 2020, Starmen released their debutalbum “Welcome to My World” and followed up with a second album in July, entitled “Kiss the Sky”. With brilliant reviews from all over the globe, Starmen showed the world that the band is definitely here to stay. Now the band is set to release their third album: “By the Grace of Rock’n’Roll”.

First single and video from “By the Grace of Rock’n’Roll” is the title track – the rock anthem ‘By the Grace of Rock’n’Roll’ – a real crowd-pleaser that should appeal to avid fans as well as new listeners. All four members are singing lead vocals on this one. The single is released Feburary 12th 2021 on all major digital platform, along with a music-video (below).

This is a band that takes their image seriously, with full make-up and stage wear that would make the rockstars from the glamorous 80s feel like home.
Full album will be released on CD and on all major digital platforms by Melodic Passion Records and distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution on March 12th 2021.

Video for ‘By The Grace Of Rock’n Roll’

Starmen was formed in 2018 and was from the beginning just a fun idea, to make a record to all the heroes from the 70’s and 80’s classic rock-scene. Part of the tribute to the old rock icons was to create a grand gimmick around the band, were each member has their own color and wears a makeup-star on their face.

Debut album “Welcome to my World” and the second album “Kiss the Sky” released by Melodic Passion Records in 2020, and distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution, were both big surprises for many diehard rockfans, and the rockmedia was taken by storm. Both albums received brilliant reviews, which of course inspired them to create more music.

Here are just a few fantastic reviews from all over the world:

”The world that STARMEN create is an incredible world of good taste, harmonies, fantastic solos, rich ornaments and eared melodies”
Via Nocturna (Portugal)

”Just when I thought the Swedish har rock and melodic rock/metal scene had started to show signs of stagnation, out of the blue came these unknown STARMEN”
Glory Daze Music (Aus)

”Engaging, fucking exiting! An explosive debut that revives a unique genre and far from extinction”
Metalhead (Ita)

”STARMEN gives us old school melodic hard rock/glam rock. And it is pure poison, it is also not possible to shake this off. Once the album has kicked off with ”Dreaming”. It is a bit like a slap in the face”
Rockfarbror (Swe)

Starmen make original music with a great passion. After the two first albums, the band has cemented their position in the rock world and has found their own musical DNA.

The third album “By the Grace of Rock’n’Roll” will be released February 26th in Japan, and March 12th in the rest of the world.

1. Shining Star
2. By the Grace of Rock’n’Roll
3. Kairi
4. Black Thunder White Lightning
5. Kisses of an Enemy
6. Pleasuredome
7. Spaceplane
8. People’s Parade
9. Bad Habit
10. Hotter Than Fire
11. Angels Cryin’ (Bonus track)
12. Shining Star [voice outro] (Bonus track)
(Ghosts: Japan bonus track)

preorder here / soundpolution

Starmen Red (Kristian Hermanson): Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Kristian has previously appeared in bands like Cleopatra, Friends and The Poodles.

Starmen Purple (Andreas Lindgren): Lead guitar, vocals
Andreas is a true guitar-hero like the old guitar-heroes Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore among others. Andreas has his own band Requiem.

Starmen Silver (Marcus Sjöblom): Drums, vocals
Marcus has previously played in groups like Cleopatra, Unzip and is currently active in Stolen Mondays.

Starmen Gold (Jonatan Samuelsson): Bass, vocals
Jonatan is currently active in Narnia.

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