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Amy Lee, better known as the co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band Evanescense, on September 30, 2016 released a family album “Dream too much”. It was exclusively available through Amazon Prime Music and features “original music for kids and families”. Amy is the American chairperson for the international epilepsy awareness foundation Out of the Shadows. Having won many accolades in the past such as the, Best Vocalist at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards In 2012, Best Film Score for Indigo Grey: The Passage at the Moondance International Film Festival in 2015, she has been awarded as Rock Goddess of the Year plenty of times. She has contributed with artists such as Korn, Seether, and David Hodges in the past, and is known to have a recognisable fashion style, which is marked by her occasional use of Gothic make-up and taste for Victorian-styled clothing. Her duet with Jonathan Davis on the acoustic version on “Freak on a Leash” for MTV unplugged was received well among fans.

Before I start off with the review, I would want to mention that this isn’t a rock/metal album. So for all you metal heads out there, if you have been blessed with babies in your family, you must listen to it and share it with your little ones. With this album, Amy Lee has charted onto a different territory altogether and has crafted beautiful lullabies and rhymes which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Entering the Kid friendly zone, let us start with “Stand by Me” (A cover of the original 1960’s written by Ben King), which starts with an upbeat bass riff muddled with pum-pum vocal hymns, gets us grooving only to be cherished by Amy’s beautiful voice moving us past the catchy chorus with strummed Nylon string guitars and second vocals beautifully harmonising on the song. “Dream Too much” brings in positivity and magic to your living room with its beautifully orchestrated piano melody accentuated with crafty guitar strums and Amy inspires us with her pitch perfect singing.

“Bee and Duck” brings in silliness and smile to your face and is a beautiful nursery rhyme. “I’m Not Tired” takes a funky turn and starts off with a beautiful harmonised vocal Intro. Amy sings a story of what one has to do before one hits the bed. She tries her best to put us to sleep when she starts counting backwards from 1000! But rest assured Amy, I won’t sleep till I’m tired 😉

“Little Bird” starts with sparrows chirping in the backdrop and paints a beautiful picture of what a child would make off by observing birds for the first time. Amy’s magnificent song writing and melody empowers and captures your attention. “Alice” a sweet rhyme of toothpick-legged child name Alice who manages to drown herself through the bathtub hole, while taking a bath. “Rubber Duckie” duets between Amy and the baritone vocals describing the very lovable Yellow Rubber duckie, a child’s favourite bath-time toy.

“Hello Goodbye” strums its way with a beautiful guitar chords with plenty of reverb and slow marching drums. The outro on the song gets you grooving and you obviously start clapping your hands. “Donkey and Chicken” starts off with marching drums and running bassline. A beautiful piano piece rings in memory of a toy hung in the cradle, will surely bring a smile to your face. “The End of the book” has a melodic chorus with upbeat lyrics and a feel good factor to the song. “If You’re a Star” a beautiful song nonetheless has a change in key which is a pleasant surprise. The album concludes with “Goodnight my love” a warm lullaby to end off this album and put your kids to bed.

Production : With a total running time of 28 minutes each of these short and sweet rhymes and lullabies will definitely make you and your kids feel good. The sound on this album is merry, funky, upbeat and warm.

Conclusion : This should be a definite buy for all those who are expecting or have kids. Even if you don’t fit the above bill, it is worth listening. Here’s hoping more of such music coming in from Amy. This album is worth listening with your family I’m sure this wont go off your playlist easily (Its still queued in everyday for me).

Written By : Ankit Sood

Rating: 9.5/10

Band members

Amy Lee – Multiple instruments and Vocals


1. Stand by Me
2. Dream Too Much
3. Bee and Duck
4. I’m Not Tired
5. Little Bird
6. Alice
7. Rubber Duckie
8. Hello Goodbye
9. Donkey and Chicken
10. The End of the Book
11. If You’re a Star
12. Goodnight My Love

Record Label: Amazon Prime Music, Sept. 2016

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Website

Video below: ‘If You’re A Star’

Video below: ‘Dream Too Much’

Video below: ‘The End of The Book’

Video below: “Dream To Much” (epk)

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