‘Zombie Mortician’ & ‘Desmodus Rotundus’ Join Forces with ‘The Bearded Dragon Productions’


The Bearded Dragon Productions have signed two more projects to their evergrowing roster. Zombie Mortician and Desmodus Rotundus have signed on with the label. The two projects, both helmed by Kenneth Holsen of Nattesorg, Himmelriket, Naglet, and Frostnoise, blend with The Bearded Dragon Productions lineup seemlessly; raw untamed black metal.

Both bands have joined the roster, which also contains Proven Existence, Mystic Winter, Defying Darkness, Lucifier Impaled, and White Fog, with hopes to release their new upcoming albums – “Are Already Dead” by Zombie Mortician and “Ravening Wolves” by Desmodus Rotundus – through the label.

The albums will be released respectively on October 11 and December 13, 2019 through The Bearded Dragon Productions and physical copies will come later through Blackened Label Records.


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