Yossi Sassi & The Oriental Rock Orchestra Releases Live Video for ‘The Mind Spirit’


The Mind Spirit, performed live by Yossi Sassi & the Oriental Rock Orchestra” in Havana club, Tel Aviv Israel on June 9th. can be seen below. The track comes of their new album “Hear And Dare,” which has been released worldwide on March 19th. The video can be seen below.

Yossi Sassi is an Israeli musician and producer. He invented the world-known Bouzoukitara musical instrument, and co-founded the successful metal band “Orphaned Land”.

The band states: This album is our homage to music and musicians, and the rare moments of synergistic creativity that they share.

It was recorded in between Lock-Downs, in “Black Rock Studios”, a top notch studio on the Island of Santorini, Greece, while the Orchestra members had to learn the music on the island itself. Waking up without mobile phones nor schedule, learning songs on the balcony and recording in front of the Mediterranean sea. A blissful and unique experience, which we feel truly reflects on the result! We hope this music makes you feel & react, hear and dare to go beyond! 

Music has changed. From a defining force, leading the zeitgeist, into something that exists in the background of life. Mp3 and technology have turned it upside down and inside out.On one hand, anyone can edit audio and record music on their home computer, as it is becoming easier to manipulate sounds, on the other side of things, the quality of sound and recordings is becoming less important as files become smaller and smaller.

There is a deterioration in the way we perceive and consume music. We no longer “climb” towards it – instead, music comes to us.We consume music “from the air”, yet ironically enough, not “breathing it in”.True, we still are moved by music, especially by live performances (which Covid-19 had recently tampered with) yet it used to be the thing that defined who we are. It used to be something you hear – it thrills you – then you dare to dream. You dare to be and go beyond the here and now. Today’s music is “hear and there” – everywhere. In every shopping mall, every car wherever you like however you like it. Here, there, everywhere, whenever.

This is what our new album is all about: HEAR & DARE rather than Here & There. Honouring the musicians and musical pieces that had been written through magical moments among people sharing irreplaceable moments. This is our dream – to create such moments.

1. Brotherhood 04:30 (video)
2. The Mind Spirit 03:43
3. Hear and Dare ft. Mats Levén 04:00 (video)
4. Benjamin’s Journey 05:29
5. Gates Of Ishtar 02:45
6. Gia Sigouria ft. Christos Dantis 03:24
7. Levitating 04:22
8. Night Flight 09:44
9. Kostas 03:23
10. Hope 05:11

Bonus Track: Mayim Mayim マイム・マイム ft. Marty Friedman 02:21
Bonus Track – Bandcamp Exclusive: Hear and Dare Instrumental 03:58
Bonus Track – Bandcamp Exclusive: Gia Sigouria Instrumental 03:56

“Hear and Dare” is here & there and everywhere!
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All music & lyrics by Yossi Sassi, except ‘Levitating’ (composed by Ben Azar & Yossi Sassi) and ‘Gates of Ishtar’ (composed by Danielle Sassi & Yossi Sassi). Gia Sigouria lyrics written by Nikos Sarris.

Video for ‘The Mind Spirit’

The Oriental Rock Orchestra
Yossi Sassi – Vocals, Guitars, Bouzoukitara, Bouzouki, Charango, Saz
Or Lubianiker – Electric Bass
Shay Ifrah – Drums
Ben Azar – Guitars, solos on ‘Hear & Dare’ & ‘Gia Sigouria’
Roei Fridman – Percussion
Danielle Sassi – Flute, Tenor Flute
Sarel Ha’cohen – Kanun
Yogev Levy – Ney

Guest musicians
Mats Levén – Lead Vocals on “Hear and Dare”
Christos Dantis – Vocals on “Gia Sigouria”
Emil Guseinov – Viola

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