India Based Progressive Metalcore Band ‘Final Surrender’ Releases Video for New Single ‘Fallen Identities’


Bangalore, India-based progressive metalcore band Final Surrender have released a video for their new brand new single ‘Fallen Identities’ which was released on March 22 through Rottweiller Records and available for streaming and download on Spotify/Bandcamp.

The video for ‘Fallen Identities’ can be viewed below.

In the winter of 2010, a couple of young professional musicians hailing from Bangalore, India, came together in an attempt to bring about a musical revolution of sorts; a revolution that would change their lives, and the lives of many others, known and unknown to them. In their hearts burned hot a vision, a vision to spread hope and love through music, and as they pursued their hearts, their dreams metamorphosed into reality, and that in turn saw the birth of FINAL SURRENDER.Final Surrender started their journey into the world of progressive metal-core music, with the release of their first full-length album, ‘The Expanse’, which won them much local and international acclaim. Final Surrender only aspire to go higher and further, and know that this musical revolution will one day hit the shores of every continent, always continuing to bless people with the hope and love that transformed their lives and music.

Final Surrender‘s latest EP “Nothing But Void” has been released on Jan. 13th. 2017 via Rottweiler Records.

Our review for “Nothing But Void” can be found here.

Upcoming Shows:
Apr 14 @ Fandom At Gilly’s Redefined, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Weblinks: Facebook  / Reverbnation / Twitter  / Bandcamp

Band Members
Joseph Samuel- Vocals
James Stephenus- Guitars
Judah Sandhy – Bass
Jared Sandhy- Drums

Video for ‘Fallen Identities’

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