Wonrowe Vision – Pictures of the Past, Present and Future


Wonrowe Vision - Pictures .... One of Steve Rowe’s earlier incarnations was the classic metal band, Lightforce (1986 to 1989). Then he formed Mortification and unleashed the first christian death metal album ‘Mortification’ in 1991. Their 1992 follow-up ‘Scrolls Of The Megilloth’ was a masterpiece of fast death metal with some doom influences. It was a mark of a great band that they were highly regarded in the whole of death metal scene at that time and ‘Scrolls’ is still considered to belong to the elite albums of that scene.

However, Steve still hankered back to those earlier days. His lifelong interest in and passion for 70′s classic heavy rock and early 80′s classic gospel rock led him to form Wonrowe Vision. It is influenced by the 70′s mainstream bands such as Status Quo, Deep Purple and Motorhead combined with the 80′s gospel, hard rock sounds of Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Barnabas and 100% Proof.

Wonrowe Vision consists of Steve Rowe (bass & vocals), Lincoln Bowen (guitar & backing vocals) and Andrew Esnouf (drums). The debut album, ‘Mission Invincible’, was released July 2010 and ‘Pictures of the Past, Present and Future’ followed on in 2013. Their style revisits the 1986 era of Lightforce and deliberately uses a gritty (street-level) garage production to reinforce this.

The album starts with two new studio tracks. ‘That’s Total Evil’ addresses the modern day technological nightmare that haunts musicians. “You get on the net, you’re ready to download / stealing the songs of the suffering artist / You do not care that you’re killing the art / Art murderers with theiving in sight”. Then there is a reworking of ’Pictures’ which appeared on the very first Lightforce blue demo. “There’s no freedom here within a picture of bondage / There’s no courage within a picture of fear / There’s no happiness within a picture of everlasting tears / You can find Truth and Truth will set you free”.

This is followed by the live gig recording at the Metal Bible launch on 20th December 2012 at the Central Club Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. This features most of the ‘Mission Invincible’ tracks with some classic Lightforce tracks and has all the spoken intro’s by Steve. The bonus tracks feature the 1986 Lightforce demo’s (when they originally had a female vocalist) and the 2004 Mortification reworking of ’12 Men’.

Rating: 6/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

May 2013 Breaking News: Steve states “I have made a decision that I will be retiring from Christian Music as of 2015. Not exactly sure when in 2015, but our Australian Manager Vic Campbell and I are working on a plan to perform a BIG Double-Header Wonrowe Vision/Mortification show at a major festival here in Australia at some point during 2015. We are all pretty sad about this decision but when it is time, it is time. The reasons are purely physical and financial. I have always known that when the financial strain became so harsh that it started affecting my health and family then that would be the time to plan to finish. The good news is that both bands will still be active until the last show and of course I will always be around and involved in Heavy Gospel Music!! I am assured that ALL members of Mortification past and present will honour the Mortification legacy and that all will be happy to let Mortification rest where it is left!!!!!!! In 2015 I will celebrate my 50th Birthday, 30 years in Gospel Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal Mission, 25 years Mortification, 5 years Wonrowe Vision and 18 years out of triple cancer! A BIG YEAR ON WHICH TO PLACE A BIG FULL STOP.”

Studio Versions
That’s Total Evil
Live At The Metal Bible Launch (2012)
That’s Total Evil (Live)
Pictures (Live)
You’re So Kind, Yours And Mine (Live)
The Spirit Of The Rock (Live)
Mission Invincible (Live)
Resident Spider (Live)
Vaporizer ( Live)
The White Rock (Live)
Smile Your Way Through Life (Live)
I’m Not Afraid Of The Dark (Live)
Bonus Tracks
Pictures (1986 Lightforce Demo Version)
You’re So Kind, Yours And Mine (1986 Lightforce Demo Version)
12 Men (1986 Lightforce Demo Version)
12 Men (2004 Mortification Version)

Band members:
Steve Rowe (Mortification) – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Lincoln Bowen (Mortification) – Guitar
Andrew Esnouf (Mortification)- Drums

Record Label: Silver Bullet Records/Rowe Productions, March 2013

Weblinks: Facebook / Reverbnation / Myspace

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below: ‘Wonrowe Vision’ live at ‘Metal Bible Launch’

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