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Signum Regis has been in the game for a good 12 years, back when in 2007 bass player Ronnie König along with vocalist Göran Edman started to work on their self-titled debut album. This Power/Melodic/Neoclassical metal powerhouse is known for their technical prowess, flamboyant and euphoric guitar/keyboard solos. Their sophomore concept album, “The Eyes Of Power” was received well amongst fans, and catapulted their popularity in no time. Based out of Slovakia, the band toured extensively in their home grounds and the likes of Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany while promoting their third album “Exodus”. This was soon followed up by E.P. “Through The Storm” which came to be known as their best record. The band has been active ever since and released albums “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” and “Decennium Primum” the production for the latter was funded as the prize that the band won at the “Spark Fresh Blood” festival which named them the best band of Slovakia.

The band underwent line-up changes amicably and that’s when the enigmatic Jota Fortinho (known for his tremendous vocal range), joined the ranks on vocals. The band set out to record, what in time will be known as “The seal of new World”, the bands 6th Studio album, which is scheduled to release on the 22nd November 2019 under the record label for Beyond the Storm Productions. The album is mixed by Ronnie König and mastered Jacob Hansen. The bands quotes an interesting aspect that went into the recording of the album that is, “there are no triggers and drum samples on drums. The sound is 100% acoustic, which is quite rare for a band of this genre”. The artwork was created by Jota Fortinho.

 I hope I was able to give a fitting introduction, there are so many aspects that I’ve come across on multiple listens, but its daunting for me to jot them all down, so I’ll do my best to highlight the highlights. Kapisch?  So, without much ado, lets jump straight onto “Kings of the Underground” which is nothing short of high powered, adrenaline-rush of an introduction in itself, that definitely will put you on a power trip. Right at the outset, the band sets out to define what the next 60 minutes hold in store for us, the rip-roaring riot that is Signum Regis. “Prisoner’s Elegy” has a punchy and meaty riff and experimental vocals that traverses a good deal in range. The song writing is complex and beautiful, a lot of emphasis is put on the melody that’s central to the structure of this song. The interlude will prick your ears for the haunting vocals that preludes the absolutely smashing solo that’s meant to sweep (-picking) you off your feet. Go Sweeps!!!

“I Always Go All-In” starts off with an interesting mix of rhythm on the guitars, which is nothing short of a precursor to the complexly arranged melodies that are set out for the remainder. An Electrifying guitar solo is the ghost cherry I was looking for, you know, like expecting it, but would have still loved without it. “The City of God” has a hypnotic guitar riff that is sure to put you on an enchantment. The guitar solos are just mind boggling, and have got tremendous flavour and richness in them.  “The Seal of a New World” sets out heavy with the madness on vocals that’s accentuated with an equally charged music supporting it.  Strange confessional observation, the amount of notes hit in this song has got to be the highest.

“A Memory” takes it easy at first, but who were we kidding, we know what we’ve signed up for. It’s amazing how much of music can be tightly fitted within 4 minutes, if you don’t believe me, queue this song right away. Lookout for the acoustic guitar solo, and crunchy eclectic solo that follows, as it blazes the life on this song. With “Phantasmagoria” i just felt on a neo classical roller-coaster ride right from the outset. Being a voracious observer and consumer of classical music (yes I LOVE IT), this song gave me the trip of a lifetime. “Let Freedom Ring” will get you energized and ready to head-bang with a smack on the back guitar riff. Be it for a blitzing guitar solo that rips through your ears and pierces your soul first and stiches it back to different self. I think I’ve just gotten myself too immersed and I’ve got to catch a breath. But wait! Do you think Signum Regis would let you?

“Never Surrender” thumps up a little with the bass, and soaring high vocals which harmonizes perfectly through the chorus. “Fly Away” blasts off as rock and roll track straight out of the 80s, with all the flair and melody, paced reasonably with overarching vocals and needless to say, while painting an overcast ambience during the interlude, a psychedelic guitar solo. “Shalom” gives a breather to the listener as its paced slower that all its predecessors. This amazing record culminates with the likes of “Scheme of Lies”, which is the heaviest songs of the album and has to its credit a very progressive rhythm, the most unusual guitar solo duelling, that percolates and reverberates with everything that I’ve heard so far on this album.

Production : The sound is well balanced, all the instruments get their fair share of spotlight. I cant believe they had 15 demos to choose from.  I’m certainly curios and would love to hear the other 3 demos that couldn’t make it for this album.

Conclusion: The song writing is so mature, complex, well weaved, charismatic, dream-like (phantasmagoria!) that there was no doubt in my mind, that I found the album of the year, Right here! Can I give a review an 11/10? Probably not, but if mathematically it was possible I would have. I recommend you buy it!

Rating: 10/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

Kings Of The Underground
Prisoner’s Elegy
I Always Go All-In
The City Of God
The Seal Of A New World
A Memory
Let Freedom Ring
Never Surrender
Fly away
Scheme Of Lies (bonus)

Release Date: Nov. 22nd. 2019

Record Label: Beyond The Storm Productions

Band members:
Jota Fortinho -Vocals
Ronnie König – Bass
Filip Koluš – Guitars
Ján Tupý – Keyboards
Jaroslav Jančula – Drums
David Åkesso – Backing vocals

Guest Members:
Eli Prinsen (of The Sacrificed, Sacred Warrio fame)
Magnus Karlsson –Guitarist (of the Primal Fear, Allen/Lande, Kiske/Somerville fame)

“Signum Regis” (2008)
“The Eyes of Power” (2010)
“Exodus” (2013) [review]
“Through the Storm” EP (2015) [review]
“Chapter IV: The Reckoning” (2015) [review]
“Decennium Primum” (2017) [review]
“Addendum Primum” EP {2017}
“The seal of new World” (2019)

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp  Spotify

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Never Surrender’

Lyric video for ‘I Always Go All-In’   

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