Wonrowe Vision – “2 Headed Monster”


Wonrowe Vision - 2 Headed Monster One of Steve Rowe’s earlier incarnations was the classic metal band, Lightforce (1986 to 1989). Then he formed Mortification and unleashed the first christian death metal album ‘Mortification’ in 1991. Their 1992 follow-up ‘Scrolls Of The Megilloth’ was a masterpiece of fast death metal with some doom influences. He recently released the final Mort album ‘Realm of the Skelataur’ (2015).

However, Steve still hankered back to those earlier days. His lifelong interest in and passion for 70′s classic heavy rock and early 80′s classic gospel rock led him to form Wonrowe Vision. It is influenced by the 70′s mainstream bands such as Status Quo, Deep Purple and Motorhead combined with the 80′s gospel, hard rock sounds of Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Barnabas and 100% Proof. One of the biggest differences lies in Steve’s clean, bellowing vocals.

Wonrowe Vision consists of Steve Rowe (bass & vocals) and Lincoln Bowen (guitar & backing vocals). The latest album sees then joined by Andrew Zaffa (drums). Their style revisits the 1986 era of Lightforce and deliberately takes a back-to-basics stance of a garage rock band. They have released ‘Mission Invincible’ (2010), ‘Pictures of the Past, Present and Future’ (2013) and ‘2 Headed Monster’ (2015).

The album opens with the laid-back, ponderous rock of ‘Stone Elder (Priest of the Underground)’ with Steve’s clean vocals hollering over the top. They pick up the pace for the old-school metal in ‘Now Stand’ with its salvo “If you don’t stand for something / Then you will fall for anything”. It is reined back in for the plodding ‘2 Headed Monster’. Then it’s back up to warp speed as they charge away on ‘Commander’, which features the first memorable guitar shred on the album.

‘Ten 12 One+2’ is a reference to the book of James, chapter one, versus Ten 12 One & 2 and is highly repetitive. ‘GPS’ makes the comparison between the navigation system and God’s Plan of Salvation. ‘100% Vision’ exhorts you read the bible and spend time in prayer.

Having waded through the album with declining interest, it rewards you with two of the better tracks in ‘Made of Rock (Faith Titanium)’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be A Good Looking Corpse’ which both convey an urgency that some of the others were lacking, along with some scorching guitar outbursts.

The bonus tracks are all live versions from Steve’s 50th birthday party, which also celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary.

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Rating: 5/10

01. Stone Elder
02. Now Stand
03. 2 Headed Monster
04. Commander
05. Ten 12 One+2
06. GPS
07. 100% Vision
08. Made Of Rock
09. I’m Gonna Be A Good Looking Corpse

Bonus tracks:
10. 2 Headed Monster (Live)
11. Ten 12 One+2 (Live)
13. GPS (Live)
14. Made Of Rock (Live)
15. I’m Gonna Be A Good Looking Corpse (Live)

Band members:
Steve Rowe (Mortification) – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Lincoln Bowen (Mortification) – Guitar
Andrew Esnouf (Mortification)- Drums

Record Label: Rowe Productions, March 2015

“Pictures of the Past, Present and Future” (2013) [review]

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Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: ‘Ten 12 One+2’ (Live)

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