‘The Malice’ Teaser of Upcoming EP “Malevolent Creature of Kings” Posted Online


The Malice EPThe Malice is a new project feat. Claudio Enzler (Sacrificium), Hubertus Liljegren. Their debut EP “Malevolent Creature of Kings” will be released soon, the EP contains 4 tracks of crushing straight up death metal. Mixed by Jani Stefanovic (Miseration, Mehida, Divine Fire) /at Chaos by Harmony studios , ready to be mastered at The Panic Room by Thomas Plec Johansson. Check out the teaser below.

As previously reported, The Malice will  play at the 13th edition of Elements of Rock March 18-20. 2016. As usual in Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switzerland. It is still far away, but mark your calendar.

The Malice started as a project in 2014. My [Hubertus] vision was to create a band that plays the American style of death metal like Deeds of Flesh, Nile, Hate Eternal , Morbid Angel among others .

When I [Hubertus] started to write songs for The Malice I was in need of a singer that could handle the growls, but also have the articulation, basically because I like that sounds of growls, so I’ve contacted my old friend Claudio Enzler [Sacrificium] since the late nineties from Germany, and he was totally up for it. We shared the same vision to create a brutal death metal band with the American sound and the idea to create an EP as a start.

The lyrics I write are about human emotions mixed with Sumerian and Babylonian gods as metaphors, and the mysticisms in the world, the unknown, the occult. The lyrics contains about people, society that f***s you up and try to control u , but also that its ok to be a free thinking individual .

I had my point of view when I wrote them, but I want you as a listener to get your own opinion. Music is an art form and this is my way to express what I feel. The Malice will unleash the beast inside you and reveal your darkest fears and violence.

All music and lyrics in The Malice are written by me [Hubertus] and Claudio put those words in action with his powerful growl.

If you are a fan of technical straight up death metal, you will love our EP that’s coming out very soon on CD and in digital format for downloading.

Thank you for your support, and please follow the development of this project.

Cheers Hubbe and Claudio

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