Watch Celldweller’s Full ‘Live Upon a Blackstar’ Concert for Free


FiXT has partnered with new Video Discovery platform HitsMeUp! to bring a selection of FiXT’s best video content along with some exclusive videos, available for the first time on the web for free.

Watch the entire Celldweller “Live Upon A Blackstar” concert film for free on HitsMeUp!

Coming soon to HitsMeUp: free streaming version of the Celldweller “Start of an Empire” Digital Documentary!

“Live Upon a Blackstar” is the first live album from the American electronic-rock artist/producer , Celldweller. It has been released in 2012, it includes a Live DVD/Blu-ray with footages taken in the US, Russian, Japanese and Canadian live shows. The full backing videos from the shows are also included on the DVD in High Definition along with “tour diaries, 2 Celldweller music videos and more”. “Live Upon a Blackstar” is also accompanied by an audio-only CD and digital release.

01. Through the Gates (Live) 2:36
02. The Best It’s Gonna Get vs. Tainted (Live) 5:43
03. Frozen (Live) 4:42
04. Own Little World (Live) 4:30
05. Symbiont (Live) 2:59
06. Louder Than Words (Live) 6:17
07. Ursa Minor (Live) 3:08
08. Fadeaway (Live) 5:52
09. So Long Sentiment vs. Eon (Live) 6:04
10. The Lucky One (Live)” 8:48
11. Switchback (Live) 8:15
12. I Believe You (Live) (CD Exclusive) 4:27

Celldweller recently released a brand new single, ‘Electric Eye.’ This drum & bass track, full of chugging guitar stabs, aggressive synths and intense/melodic vocal hooks, showcases Klayton’s (Celldweller/Circle Of Dust) inimitable multi-genre sound. The video can be seen here.

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