‘Warnot’ To Release Debut Album ‘His Blood Is Yours’ November 6th on ‘Nightmare Records’


Combining many sub-genres of music mainly from rock and metal Warnot is melodic, raw, symphonic, theatrical, doomy and progressive; His Blood is Yours is an epic Rock / Metal adventure ride that rings fresh.

Guitar player/composer Björn Eliasson [picture] picked up his axe in the eighties forming his first band in 1988. In the early nineties he joined Patrik Svärd [Cloudscape] forming a band dubbed Doctor Weird.

In 2001 Cloudscape formed, releasing their highly acclaimed self titled debut in 2004, followed up by Crimson Skies [2006] and Global Drama [2008]..

In late 2009 Björn decided to leave Cloudscape to focus on his passion in his own musical project. Writing songs based on his visions, exploring limitless feelings and atmospheres, which have become Warnot.

Björn worked on this album Warnot, His Blood is Yours without stress of deadlines, only pure inspiration and a strong vision to create something truly unique. Choosing to work with many guest voices, Björn also sings on the album and flavors it with his unique, ground breaking voice complementing the other exceptional guest vocalists that have contributed to the album.

1) Raptures Of The Deep
2) The Crow Will Die
3) My Darkest Hour
4) A Late Night Dance With Death
5) Secrets Of Mythology
6) His Blood Is Yours
7) RIP
8) New York
9) The Patriot
10) I Am A Ghost
11) The Wrong Path
12) Sirens

The Vocalists:
Thomas Bursell – [Second Heat and Helsingborg Symphony Choirs]
Mike Andersson – [Cloudscape, Full Force, Star One, Silent Memorial]
Sussi Sorensen – [Bo Wilson Band]
Bjorn Persson – [Doctor Weird]
Sara Andersson – [Helsingborg Symphony Choirs]
Bjorn Eliasson – [Cloudscape]
André Mollestam – [Growls]

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