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bob K is an indie rock band that formed in 2000 and is based in Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden. In 2002 bob K won a band talent contest that led to their first single being released, ‘Keeper Of My Soul’. Shortly afterwards they were signed to the Eckworks label and released their self-titled first album along with two singles, ‘Believe’ and ‘You Make Me Sing’. They later changed musical direction from the previously slick sound to more emotionally driven and atmospheric rock. After a few line-up changes, they released their second album ‘Fragile’ (2010) which took you on a journey through the life of a fragile human being. They would take The Fragile Tour on the road with the American artist Kevin Max (dcTalk), in late March 2010.

During late October 2010, bob K started to record their third album ‘Noir/Blanc’ with the American/Norwegian producer David Larring. The first single from this album, ‘The Escape’, was released on 1st February 2012 together with a remix and a music video. American Effect Radio picked the song for its Top-30-chart. The second single, ‘Burden’ was released on 25th June 2012 and also found its way into the same radio chart. A music video for Burden was released at the same time. The ‘Noir/Blanc’ album was finally released in Europe in September 2012.

The band consists of Peter Dalhoff (lead vocals & keyboards), Lorens Palmgren (Piano, Hammond organ, keyboards, programming & vocals), Jono Samuelsson (electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, programming & backing vocals), Tjet Pipars (electric guitar & backing vocals), Adam Börjesson (bass guitar & percussion) and Fredrik Nelson (drums). They have been described as a mixture of Kent (Swedish alternative rock band) and Snow Patrol. The album was produced by David Larring (Kevin Max) who also contributed as a guest musician.

‘The Escape’ starts with gently chiming guitars and quavering vocals, whilst also containing up-tempo rock for the chorus “You can never reach me / I’m running with the speed of light / You can never hold me / I’ll meet you on the other side”. They use a more electronic approach to gently build in ‘Burden’ before a scorching guitar riff bursts through “Hold me like you used to / Free my soul tonight / Say you’ll be here ’til / The end, forever more”.

They use guest backing vocals by Paulina Palmgren, but also let her come to the forefront in ‘Angel’. Their style moves between moody/brooding indie to up-tempo gut-wrenchers like ‘Mayday’. And just to put the record straight, ‘Amazing Grace’ is their own composition and not the well-known hymn.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

01 – The Escape (4:29)
02 – Burden (4:19)
03 – Angel (4:29)
04 – Mayday (3:30)
05 – Dear Thom (4:43)
06 – For Ash (5:46)
07 – My Kingdom (4:02)
08 – Amazing Grace (5:31)
09 – Rest (3:34)
10 – Forever (5:04)

Band members:
Peter Dalhoff: lead vocals, keyboards
Lorens Palmgren: keyboards, vocals
Jonatan Samuelsson: guitars, vocals
Tjet Pipars: guitars, vocals
Fredrik Nelson: drums
Adam Börjesson: bass, vocals

Record Label: Independent, Sept. 2012

Weblinks: Website Facebook Myspace


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