‘uniSEF’ Releases Discography on ‘Thumper Punk Records’


uniSEF was a 3 piece punk rock band based out of Boise, Idaho, that produced some of the finest JCHC music between 2004 and 2009.

Their Discography release includes all songs recorded by the band, including their Change the Word demo (2005), Can These Bones Live EP (2007), Death and Revolution split 7” (2008) and Ransom album (2009). It also features several previously unreleased songs, acoustic versions and live tracks. The album features 41 songs of fast paced, melodic hardcore and punk songs with influences by MxPx, Rancid, FBS and Five Iron Frenzy.

The Discography album video trailer can be seen below.

Discography CDs are available for purchase through the Thumper Punk Records webstore, and digital downloads can be obtained through iTunes and other digital retailers. If you were part of the Boise scene, this is your opportunity to find everything you’ve been looking for. If you missed this epic band, now is your chance. Don’t let the world change you! Change the World!

Band members:
Sef — Guitar Vocs
Tyler — Bass Vocs
Kevin — Drums

1. This Means War
2. Ransom
3. Live It
4. Nothing To Hide
5. Frank
6. Decay
7. Unisef
8. You Don’t Know Him
9. Dead to the World
10. Nmor
11. City Of Refuge
12. Drive Thu Amerika
13. Hope
14. Sike
15. What We’ve Got
16. Give Your All
17. Bones
18. What’s That
19. The Worst
20. Turn Off Your Radio
21. Paulie
22. Change The World
23. Ammends
24. Take A Chance
25. Fifty-Two
26. All Sincerity
27. Change The World (Demo Version)
28. The Worst (Demo Version)
29. Turn Off Your Radio (Demo Version)
30. Run Around Sue
31. Hangin Tough
32. Fifty-Two (Original)
33. Get Back Up
34. All Sincerity (Acoustic)
35. Change The World (Acoustic)
36. The Worst (Acoustic)
37. Carry Me
38. Change The World (Live)
39. The Wars End
40. All Sincerity (Live)
41. Chipmunk Hope

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