‘Trino’ – ‘AntiBesta’


Trino, the Brazilian Anti-Beast, is back and more brutal than ever!

And the Anti-Beast rises!! Many (including me) have missed Trino on the scene… would we no longer hear songs like 666 Corporation, Oposição, Credo? Would be the legacy of this pioneer thrown to the wind? No! For our glee, Fábio Kiefer (drummer and founder of Trino) decided to reactivate the group, but with a new line-up (i.e. , without the frontman Tom Chagas) and a new musical direction, which we’ll discuss further later.

Much was commented, discussed, about this return of Trino. Would be the new line-up worthy of the history of the band? Would it be a true return or just for a release of a new cd? Well, none of these questions importuned the new members, but of course there was a pressure for this return. But Fábio kiefer (drums), Bruno Max (bass), Flávio Mello (guitar) and Geandro Silverol (vocals) made something simply superb.

Trino has now very much weight. Geandro has a vocal timbre that ranges from Death guttural to Screamo very easily. And this new feature made the band become heavier. Forget the Thrashcore Trino of old, because the thing now is brutality. Just put Deathcore vocals in the old base but with MUCH weight.

Well, as announced before, Anti-Besta [EN: Anti-Beast] is a collection with 10 re-recordings of the band, and they are: 666 Corporation, Oposição, Sofisma, Olho x Olho, Demência, Credo, Abismo, Cultura de Muerte, Procissão and Your Time Is Over (in my opinion it lacks Do Crucifixo Ao Prostíbulo, but do what? Maybe next time…). Rehashes only work if they bring something new in the baggage of the band, and it was done. Now we can clearly listen to the double bass on drums, which is so hard to hear in the cd 666 Corporation and tracks like Oposição, 666 Corporation and Olho x Olho found here their definite versions. And, for those who don’t know yet, the stuff is available for streaming below, and it’ll be released in a physical cd soon.

Long live the Anti-Beast!!!

Rating: 8.5/10

Record line – up :
Geandro Silverol – vocals
Flávio Mello – guitars
Bruno Maxwell – bass
Fábio Kiefer – drums

Official line – up
Geandro Silverol – vocals
Leonardo Vieira – guitar
Bruno Maxwell – bass
Fábio Kiefer – drums

Record Label: Self released, 2012


Written by Márllon Matos
Translation by Carol Mariana

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