Thrash/Metal Band ‘Consecrator’ Releases ‘Meaningless’ Lyric Video


Texas area thrashers Consecrator dropped a brand new lyric video for their brand new song ‘Meaningless’. The track was produced by Lux Studio and comes on the heels of their recent announcement of an upcoming brand new compilation entitled “Image of Deception” which is set to feature all of the bands tracks and include this previously unreleased track. The compilation will be released this Fall on Roxx Records / No Life til Metal Records.

Consecrator was originally formed in late 1989, by mid-1990 they had written and recorded their first self-titled demo. That very first Consecrator demo was recorded in just one day. The band would immediately begin to garner rave reviews from all around the world hearing just how much people loved their music and their message on that debut demo.

After a few line up changes, by early 1991 the band would then record the track ‘Free From Death’ and send it in to REX Records attempting to secure a record deal. REX ultimately released the song on the “Demolition” compilation CD and the band would again start receiving great recognition for this effort. However after all the hard work the band had put into this they still did not secure a record deal. But that didn’t stop them, as they proceeded to record and release a second demo, entitled “Image Of Deception” by late 1991. It was recorded in just two days on an 8-track reel-to-reel. Right after that they would go through a few more line up changes as they continued to constantly play out live. Ultimately the band was not able to get to that next level and they would wind up calling it a day by late 1993.

Consecrator are one of those awesome thrash bands that were lost in the hordes of thrash bands in the early 90’s. It was a shame that these guys never got beyond that demo stage because they were equally as good as any band on a label, then and now!. Thankfully in 2004 Bombworks Records saw fit to re-release and remaster Consecrator’s old demos in to one cool CD collection in a limited run of only 300 copies. Consider yourself lucky if you scored one of those back then as they are utterly impossible to find today!

But now is your chance to get this thrash classic one more time! And this edition is even a little more special! To start with back in 2004 to 2005 when interest started to spark for the band again around the reissue, they would rise again and record some new music! But even then life would get in the way and that music was never ultimately released, until now!

Featuring all of the tracks from both demos and the newer tracks all completely remastered and sounding better then ever we are happy to bring you “Image of Deception” the complete works of Consecrator. The collection is being completely repackaged in an amazing new CD release with brand new album art designed by Scott Waters of No Life til Metal / Roxx Records. Here is a sneak peak of that artwork and what you are in store for this fall of 2017.

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Lyric video for ‘Meaningless’

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