The Young Sister-Duo Songkids’ 2nd Album “Aldrig Ensam” (Never alone) Is Out Today! (Produced by Jonatan Samuelsson of Narnia)


Sisters Filippa and Agnes Samuelsson from the duo Songkids are back with a new uptempo album for kids in all ages, titled Aldrig Ensam” (Never alone).

Since the debut release in 2015, the girls have had about twenty gigs in Sweden and Norway, they have participated in radio shows and on sponsoring galas and the anti-bullying song ‘En riktig vän’ (A true friend) has been on heavy rotation on Swedish National Radio P4 and highlighted by anti-bullying organisation Friends.

With this experience behind, they have written new songs, along with their father, Jonatan (bass player for Narnia, and label manager for JONO and Adora).

Like the previous album, the songs are mostly uptempo pop/rock-songs with relevant lyrics rooted in their Christian faith.

The lyric-themes are about God’s love, forgiveness, you can make a difference, dare to stand up for what is right, to provide and care for those in need.

This time, the music has a touch of dance to it, but with much guitars and above all melodies that are easy to remember.

The album is recorded, mixed and produced by their dad, Jonatan, mixed and mastered by Daniel Fossum, and is featured by others musicians like Ronny Cates (Petra, CPR).

01. Ingenting (Nothing)
02. Vänner igen (Friends again)
03. Vi dansar hand i hand (We’re dancing hand in hand)
04. Till alla folk (To all people)
05. Våga va dig själv (Dare to be yourself)
06. Make your world
07. Aldrig ensam (Never alone)
08. Loud and clear
09. Ett enda litet ljus (One single, little light)
10. Mina minsta (The least of these)

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