‘Happy Newyear’ from ‘The Metal Resource’, Staff Picks: The Top 10 Best Albums of 2017


First of all, Happy Newyear, wishing you all a healthy, blessed and prosperous 2018!

Thanks for your support over the past year, we really appreciate that. The past year has brought us loads of decent new releases, new bands and nice concerts/festivals. We expect that 2018 will be even better! The next year will be the 12th. year of ‘The Metal Resource’.

Good news is coming in 2018, so stay tuned.

Anyway, a little bit later then expected: But we are having each staff member of our team list their choices for The Top 10 Best Albums Of 2017 (In no particular order). Check it out below:


’68 – Two Parts Viper
Converge – The Dusk In Us
Kauan – Kaiho
August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem
Cool Hand Luke – Cora
Minco Eggersman – Kavkasia
Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper
Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed – Present Magic & Bird
Righteous Vendetta – Cursed
Sareem Poems & Terem – A Pond Apart


Your Chance to Die – Ex Nihilo
A Hill to Die Upon – Via Artis Via Mortis
Hand of Fire – Nuclear Sunrise
freaKINGS – Toxic End
Malchus – Ur
Adorned Graves – Out of the Depth of the Grave
Wind Rose – Stonehymn
Flatfoot 56 – Odd Boat
Vandroya – Beyond the Human Mind
Butcher Babies – Lilith


Being As An Ocean – “Waiting For Morning To Come”
Fleshkiller – “Awaken”
Your Memorial – “Self Titled”
August Burns Red – “Phantom Anthem”
Gideon – “Cold”
While She Sleeps – “You Are We”
War Of Ages – “Alpha”
The Royal – “Seven”
Phinehas – “Dark Flag”
Deathbreaker – “Disconnect”

Eelco aka Thrashboy

Aldaria – “Land of Light”
Wind Rose – “Stonehymn
Believer – “1-3 of 5” (ep serie)
Adorned Graves – “Out from the Depth of the Grave”
Cellar Darling – “This is the Sound”
Heirs of Isildur – “The Crossroads Conundrum”
Amberian Dawn – “Darkness Of Eternity”
Eluveitie – “Evocation II: Pantheon”
Blackfinger – “When Colors Fade Away”
Shadowside – “Shades of Humanity”

Dave aka Karakul

Crimson Moonlight – The Covenant Progress (2003)
Vardøger – Ghost Notes (2015)
Deep Purple – Made In Japan (1972)
The Brilliance – Brother (2015)
Sanctifica – Spirit Of Purity (2000)
Stratovarius – Destiny (1998)
Sixx:A.M. – Prayers for the Damned (2016)
Disciple – Long Live the Rebels (2016)
Timoratus – Reverentia (2017)
Cerimonial Sacred – Christ Worshippers (2017)


Wind Rose – Stonehym
Demon Hunter – Outlive
Gideon – Cold
Seether – Poison the Parish
Miss May I – Shadows Inside
Alice Cooper – Paranormal
Red – Gone
Evanescence – Synthesis
Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria
To Speak Of Wolves – Dead in the Shadows


1. Fleshkiller – ‘Awaken’
2. Eluveitie – ‘Evocation II: Pantheon’
3. Demon Hunter – ‘Outlive’
4. Kreator – ‘Gods of Violence’
5. Paganizer – ‘Land of Weeping Souls’
6. Believer – ‘1/2/3 of 5’
7. Final Surrender – ‘Nothing But Void’ EP
8. Altar of Betelgeuze -‘Among the Ruins’
9. Demonic Resurrection – ‘Dashavatar’
10. Alice Cooper – ‘Paranormal’


Flatfoot 56 – Oddboat
Hatsune Miku – Project Diva Future Tone OST
Hatsune Miku – Magical Mirai 2015 live album
Falcom – Ys: Lacrimosa of Dana OST
Flow – Kaze No Uta
Machinae Supremacy – Overworld
Yuki Sugiura – Cyberdimension Neptunia OST
Poets of the Fall – Clearview
Narnia – Narnia
Hope for the Dying – Legacy

(unfortunately, as you can see, there are some lists missing)

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