‘The Wedding’ Breaks Silence with New Update


The Wedding (2012)Rock band The Wedding released their latest studio album “No Direction” through Tooth & Nail Records in Sept. 2012, however the band has been laying low now for roughly two years since the close of their last tour. Finally, last week (Aug. 27) the band broke silence to explain what’s up, not saying they have officially broken up, but basically stating that they’re inactive until further notice.

Here’s what the band wrote in a status update on facebook

“Hey y’all. Been a minute! It’s time to reconnect and break the silence. It’s no secret that we fell off the map without a trace a couple years ago. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the status of the band, what happened, and what’s next. The truth is, we haven’t made a statement thus far because there hasn’t been anything to state. We never intended for the last tour we did to have been our last tour. We wrapped it up, headed on home as usual, and settled in until the next one. But between then and now I guess “life” just happened. Members got married, members had babies, members got cool job opportunities and started businesses, members began the adoption process, members filled in for other bands, members moved to new cities; and before we knew it two years had gone by and we still hadn’t booked that next tour. That brings us to today. No, we didn’t break up. We just went on an unplanned indefinite hiatus (to put it in “band” terms). For those that followed the band since the beginning you know we were road dogs. 200+ shows a year for nearly a decade. We were almost never home. And we liked it that way. We’ve all learned to love being home, too. It’s been more of a struggle to adjust for some than others but all in all this is a good season. Will we play shows again? Maybe. Will we make another record? Maybe. What are the chances? To be honest, I don’t think any of us have any idea. Touring and records cost a lot of money, more than we have. But I do know this: we talk about it often. Yes, talk is cheap, but talk keeps it in the realm of possibility.

I tell you this not to give you false hope if you are into our band, but to let you know that if you are reading this then we care about you and we care that you care if we make music again. Whether it happens or not, please know that while we were a full time band, you guys handed us the time of our lives on a silver platter. Yeah, we roughed it hard in a van driving through the night and playing smokey bars and sleeping on floors for a decade yada yada yada, but we really had the time of our lives. And the ONLY reason we could stay on the road is because you cared about our music and spent your hard earned money on show tickets and merchandise and records. That will never be unappreciated. More importantly, you showed up and connected with us, and gave us the opportunity to have a real connection with you, as we all connected with the bigger picture. We were definitely a live band. If you never got to see it, I don’t know whether you are lucky or I should feel sorry for you because it was always messy. A loud messy chaotic rock n roll hurricane, every night, whether for 100 people that were into it or 1,000 people that hated it, we went hard and loved every minute.

We are all still close, even in different states, as this is much more than a band to us. This is a brotherhood. And brotherhoods don’t just fade out. So to answer your question, once and for all, no matter what: The Wedding will never die. Rock n Roll Forever.

– Cody, Matt, Adam, Trevor, Matt. Collectively: The Wedding”

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Video below ‘No Direction’

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