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No Direction _ The Wedding The Wedding formed in 2003 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their full-length debut ‘The Wedding’ (2005) was followed by ‘The Rumble in the South’ EP in the same year. Their second full-length album ‘Polarity’ (2007) peaked at No. 41 on the U.S. Billboard Christian Albums chart. After that release, the original singer Kevin Kiehn got married and decided to leave the touring life behind. He was replaced by Matt Shelton, formerly with Letter Kills. They went on to record ‘The Sound, The Steel’ EP (2008) and ‘Distance’ EP (2010), before securing a deal with Tooth & Nail to release their third full-length album ‘No Direction’ (2012).

Matt Shelton said, “‘No Direction’ means cutting ties with the idea that you can prepare your life in such a way to keep you from danger. As C S Lewis said, it’s an illusion of safety. We are meant to live life unabashed and free, and this can only happen in the face of danger; which to most is the idea of not knowing where you are going.”

They kick off with the catchy, radio-friendly rock of ‘No Direction’ with its no-brainer, sing-along chorus and guitar solo. They ramp up the tempo on ‘In The End’. This provides the transition to the raw power of ‘The Lesser Worth’, which reflects their punk roots. “Not America / Not the place I love / Not a mountaintop / Not a setting sun / I find no comfort here / Not America / Not the place I love / Not a thousand peaks / Not a thousand stars / I find no comfort here for my soul”. It features guest vocals from Dan Marsala (Story of the Year).

After reaching this energetic peak, ‘The Raconteur’ and ‘Hang On Love’ takes it back to rock territory. It then loses pace as there are two melodic, thoughtful ballads. Now I’ve not got anything against quiet, thoughtful songs, but these seem to sap the energy that has been built up. They try to lift it back up with the stomping ‘Kill Any Excuse’ and ‘Heartbreak In Melody’, but they still seemed to be dragging their feet. This isn’t helped by the inclusion of another ballad, before they finally lift the mood with the anthemic rock of ‘Young And Dangerous’.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

1.No Direction
2.In The End
3.The Lesser Worth
4.The Raconteur
5.Hang on Love
6.The Wildest Ocean
7.Mors Tua Nos Vita
8.Kill Any Excuse
9.Heartbreak In Melody
10.Don’t Let Me Down
11.Young and Dangerous
12.Distance and Resolution

Band Members:
Matthew James Shelton… Lead Vocals
Cody Driggers… Bass
Trevor Sarver… Guitar
Adam Thron… Guitar
Matt Jameson… Drums

No Direction, 2012 [Tooth & Nail]
Distance EP, 2010 (independent)
The Sound, The Steel EP, 2008 [Brave New World]
Polarity, 2007 [Brave New World]
Rumble In The South EP, 2005 [Rambler]
The Wedding, 2005 [Rambler]

Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records, Sept. 2012

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Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below for “No Direction

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