‘The Spirit That Guides Us’ – ‘Demons & Diamonds’ [Music Video]


Dutch based scream-emo core band The Spirit That Guide Us has released today their new album Innocent Blood and a video for Demons And Diamonds. The song is taken from their new album. Watch the video below.

When you choose to buy their latest record Innocent blood, you do not only support them and their music but you also support human rights organizations such as ‘stop the traffik’ and ‘international justice mission’.

These organizations are mostly run by volunteers, who risk their lives to save innocent children in the sex industry or try to save poor people who have not seen the daylight for years because they are used as slaves and are ruined by capitalist bastards.

Pick up a copy of the new TSTGU album and be with them on the frontline to fight injustice! by doing so, you really make a difference! every organization picked their favorite ‘innocent blood’ track and until our release (october 2011) all the money of each download they release on bandcamp (one track every month) goes to those organizations. the first track is ‘demons and diamonds’ and the money goes to ‘international justice mission’, so don’t be cheap, give them what they deserve!

1. demons & diamonds
2. echoes from the grave
3. third world war
4. meltdown
5. rip out your heart
6. this is how we demonstrate
7. truth or dare
8. stranger
9. pride, erase & rewind genocide
10. remember


 Upcoming tourdates:
25.10-2011  SO36, Berlin DE
27-10-2011  De Kelder, Amersfoort NL
28-10-2011 Ukien, Kampen NL
29-10-2011  Rock Without Limits, Gomaringen DE

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