‘The Lonely Revolts’ Release New Album “Broken Bones Burning Hearts”


lonely revolts _ logoThumper Punk Records proudly announces the release of The Lonely Revolts second full length album “Broken Bones Burning Hearts”.

The Lonely Revolts are true punk rock out of the working class lines that seek a bailout of the everyday struggles of life with soul surrendering hearts. “Broken Bones Burning Hearts” hits you squarely with thirteen songs of faith, hope and love, from down to earth guys who play with passion and conviction. Be prepared to join this lonely revolution where you will never feel alone again. Join THE GOOD FIGHT!

CDs are available through the Thumper Punk Records website, and digital copies are available at all major digital retailers.

The band consists of: Josh Galvan – Vocals/Guitar, Lupe Gutierrez – Bass/Vocals, Chip Fratangelo – Drums/Vocals.

Lonely -Broken

1. Extra Extra
2. Scum Of The Earth
3. White Flags
4. Open Graves
5. Falling Apart
6. Chariots Of Fire
7. Dead For You
8. Check Your Pulse
9. Inside Job
10. Tear Down The Walls
11. Dying to Live
12. Broken Bones Burning Hearts
13. Eternal Flame

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