‘The Lonely Revolts’ Release ‘Lights Out’, A Fully Acoustic Version Of Their Debut Album ‘Remnant’


Lightś outThe Lonely Revolts play true punk rock out of working class lines in Salinas, California, releasing their gritty debut album Remnant in October 2012 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Now the band has returned to the studio to re-record acoustic versions of all songs on Remnant, and have made those acoustic versions available via digital download for just $4 under the title Lights Out.

Join the good fight.


1. To Warn the Lukewarm (acoustic)
2. You Don’t Represent Me (acoustic)
3. I Am Who I Am (acoustic)
4. Lightning from the East (acoustic)
5. The Same Old Same Old (acoustic)
6. Peace and Safety (acoustic)
7. The W.T.L. (acoustic)
8. The Good Fight (acoustic)
9. Working Class Bailout (acoustic)
10. The Day the Clouds Part (acoustic)
11. The Revolt Is Forming (acoustic)
12. Bride to Be (acoustic)

Band members:
Josh Galvan – Guitar/Vox
Lupe Gutierrez – Bass/Vox
Chip Fratangelo – Drums

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