The GX Project (Feat. Rex Scott of X-Sinner) – New Album “Devil Lover” Delayed


Rock band The GX Project (Feat. Rex Scott of X-Sinner) have checked in with the following update regarding the new album “Devil Lover”:

“Many things can come up delaying a project and our next one ‘Devil Lover’ has had it’s share. Both studio’s we utilize in Canada both relocated with ground up construction and/or remodeling that had to be completed before work could resume. Of course being independent artists we are not under a strict deadline as we have been in years past being signed artists, but we still want our fans to be kept up to date and know we are still forging ahead to finish up the album. It will be worth the wait.”

Rex Scott the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of X-Sinner is extending his presence in hard rock by teaming up with the multi-talented producer/studio owner/player Glenn Thomas of Canada forming the side project called The GX Project (GX for short). After a very successful limited edition release of the dynamic duo’s debut titled “Bite Stick” (2012), one of the most underrated yet critically acclaimed albums of the year, the band has completed the stunning follow up “Sinner” (2014) and the epic latest “Raze Some Hell” (2016).

“Raze Some Hell” album review quote:

Their achievement is a great rock n roll album that certainly gets the head banging, and the foot tapping. Look at the end of the day it is a hook laden album from two great musicians in the vein of bands like AC/DC and Status quo. So if you into that, and feel like rocking out without being preached too, then the GX Project could be the right medicine the doctor has ordered for you. As a whole, from Art to music, “Raze Some Hell” is a well packaged rock n roll party box ready to explode onto your hi fi system and set your ears a blaze, well raising some hell in the process.

Read the entire review here.


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