Brazilian Extreme Metal Band ‘Antidemon’ Releases ‘Não Tardará’ Music Video


Brazilian extreme metal band Antidemon have released a music video for ‘Não Tardará’ the track is taken from their fourth album “Apocalypsenow” which has been released in 2012 via Rowe Productions. The video can be watched below.

Antidemon was formed on January 12, 1994, with founding members Carlos Batista on vocals, Alexandre Cebotorov on bass, Kleber Albino on guitars, Sergio Gonçalves on guitars, and Elke Garzoli (Batista’s wife) on drums. The band issued a demo later that year. After that, Cebotorov and Gonçalves left forcing Batista to become the band’s bassist. The band did another demo in 1997 and a third in 1998. The band’s debut album, “Demonocídio” was self-released in 1999. The band then split an EP with the band Zen Garden, entitled “Barad.” In March 2002, Antidemon began their first tour outside of Brazil, in Mexico, on the Demonocídio Mexican Tour. Their sophomore album, Anillo de fuego, which is Spanish for “Ring of Fire” came out in 2003.

In 2004, the band released a live album, titled “Live in Palencia – Spain.” The band would also play Destruction Fest that year. A year later, Albino and Garzoli left the band. Garzoli and Batista also got divorced. After their departure, Wanderlinden Oliveira briefly took over drums while Maurício Cebalho took over guitars. Oliveira was then replaced by Juliana Batista, Carlos’ wife. The band released two more split EPs in 2006, the first with Empty Grave, and the second being a five-way-split with Against Death, Implement, Soterion, and Spiritual Live. In 2009, the band released a third album, “Satanichaos,” before Cebalho left the band. The band would go on to play Destruction Fest once again, alongside bands such as Ashen Mortality, A Hill to Die Upon, and Solace the Day.

In 2009, the band toured around Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Italy, England, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden, performing shows with The Crucified, Theocracy, Narnia, Morgenroede, Prayer, Peerlees, Allos, Dynasty, Harpazzo, Posttrevor, Moriah and Honoris Causa.

In 2012, they signed to Rowe Productions, a label owned by Steve Rowe of Mortification and released their fourth album, “Apocalypsenow,” through Rowe. The band then signed to Vision of God Records in 2017. The band is preparing to record their fifth album and hope to finish by the end of 2018.

Our review of their latest album  “Apocalypsenow” can be found here.

Current line-up: Antônio Carlos Batista Do Nascimento – Vocals, Bass, Juliana Batista – Drums, Lucas Nakano – Guitars.

Upcoming Shows:
OCT 12 – Fortaleza, CE, Brazil
OCT 13 – Espaço Cultural Nestor Lima, Parnamirim, RN, Brazil
OCT 20 – Vila Do Porto, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil
OCT 27 – Recife-pe, Recife, PE, Brazil
NOV 3 – B-23 Lounge Music Bar, Salvador, BA, Brazil
NOV 10 – Avenida Leopoldo Peres, Vilhena – RO, 76980-000, Brasil
DEC 9 – Matriz Casa Cultural, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

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Video for ‘Não Tardará’



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