Death Metal/Deathgrind Project ‘Victual Flesh’ signs with ‘The Bearded Dragon Productions’


The death metal/deathgrind project known as Victual Flesh has officially joined The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Victual Flesh was a project I had first considered to ask to be a part of the label, alongside another project, who as of now, shall remain unannounced. Victual Flesh just kinda fit exactly what I was trying to go for. Independent and just brutal!” Mason Beard says.

The project began around 2017, headed up by Jonathan C. Hovis. Victual Flesh has put out three albums, an EP and five singles, all available for free download. On October 26, 2018, the label is set to re-release ‘Sticks & Stones’ to commemorate the project’s signing. (Get it here).

Weblinks: Bandcamp / Soundcloud

The Bearded Dragon’s Metal is a blog run by Mason Beard, a Christian Heavy Music fan, who wants to promote bands with large followings or occasionally none. In 2018, he started The Bearded Dragon Productions and has several releases for the coming year.

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