Symphony Of Heaven: Entire New Album Available for Streaming


Symphony Of Heaven‘s long awaited full length, “Maniacal Entropik Discordium” is released last week (Dec.17th.) via Rottweiler Records. The album is available for streaming in its entirety below.

We at Rottweiler Records think this is a masterpiece.

If you’ve already heard the “Dead Winter Fields”, “Entropy”, and “The Arch Of Time” pre-full length released D45’s, then you have an inkling of the sheer brutality and beauty Maniacal Entropik Discordium promises to bring to your earholes. . . nay. . . to your very soul.


Available everywhere at:
And Bandcamp:

Pathos- guitar and songwriting
Timoratus -bass guitar

Live member:
Eero Tertsunen-guitar

Weblinks: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp / SellMyTees / Telegram

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