Underground Symphony Announces the Presence of Symphonic Metal Band ‘Clockwork’ , Music Video for ‘Closer’ Released


Underground Symphony is proud to announce the presence of the band Clockwork on the compilation that celebrates the label 25th anniversary. The brainchild of the keyboard player Lorenzo Masiero, the line up is composed by two Dark Horizon members, Daniele Mandelli on guitar and Gianluca Capelli on drums. The band has 4 singers, two men and two woman and plays a symphonic metal, in vein of Kamelot and Avantasia.

Below is the complete line-up and the videoclip of the song ‘Closer’.

Lorenzo Masiero: keyboards
Daniele Mandelli: guitars
Gianluca Capelli: drums
Luigi Riccio: bass
Francesca Trevisan: vocals
Rossella Moscatello: vocals
Paolo Taurino: vocals
Fabio Brunetti: vocals

Weblinks: Facebook /Twitter / Website

Video for ‘Closer’


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