Swedish Melodic Glam Metal Band Osukaru Returns with “Starbound” on Oct. 22nd, 2021 via AOR Heaven, Releases Music Video for New Single


Swedish melodic glam metal band Osukaru are “Starbound” with their 6th full length studio offering, standing high on the success of their last record “House of Mirrors” (2018). With one foot in melodic rock & roll, the other in classic heavy metal and all eyes aimed towards tomorrow, “Starbound” offers everything you want from a new Osukaru album, if not more.

Going back 11 years, Osukaru was just an idea in the mind of guitarist Oz Hawe Petersson (formerly known as Oz Osukaru) and it would take two more years and just as many EPs before they released their debut album “Salvation” in the spring of 2012. Back then Osukaru was merely a band formed around Oz as he saw his vision come alive. A few years and line-up changes later, the 3rd full length release suitably titled “Transition” (2015) came out. That was, according to Oz himself, when Osukaru truly started to become a band.

With roots in classic stadium rock, the first few releases had a more clear and pure AOR flavour to them. With “Transition” however, you could hear hints of a heavier spark deep within the tracks. Going forward, Osukaru really started to gain a unique, harder yet melodic sound and with their last album “House of Mirrors” they landed a rock & roll homerun on which they have built upon to create the brand new comet ride titled “Starbound”. Produced by the power team Oz Hawe Petersson (guitar, keyboards) and Fredrik Werner (lead vocals, guitar) with Svein Jensen (Sister Sin, Transport League, Outshine) once again handling the mixing duties.

The album was mastered by Christoffer Borg (Art Nation, Six Foot Six, Atlas) and features an extraordinaire guest appearance from saxophone player Mark Holden of Boulevard. The cover artwork sees Osukaru expand their visual concept even further, with loads of details and easter eggs throughout. “Starbound” will be available October 22nd where good music is sold.

Video for ‘Tainted Heart’

01 Starbound 3:29
02 Rise of the Underdog 3:40
03 Tainted Heart 3:40
04 Somewhere Sometime Somehow 4:25
05 Joker (In the House of Cards) 4:17
06 Go For the Legends 3:29
07 Shut It Out 3:01
08 On the Streets Again 4:20
09 Within the Depths of Love 3:51
10 All Up 3:58

Line-up: Oz Hawe Petersson (Rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals), Fredrik Werner (Lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitar), Olof Gadd (Bass, backing vocals), CD (Drums, percussion)

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