‘Swedish Hitz Goes Metal’ – ‘Swedish Hitz Goes Metal’


Tommy ‘Reinxeed’ Johansson is a man of 23 years, coming from Boden/Sweden. He is blessed with musical talent and dedication – far higher than the usual. He is known from Golden Resurrection and Reinxeed. Tommy plays very much like songs from other artists, as proven by the many covers on his youtube channel. (such as The Spice Girls, Tina Turner, Vandenberg, Bonnie Tyler, Gary Moore, Helloween, Celine Dion, Stryper, E-Type etc.).

Tommy was a teenager (13) when he had his first band: Guranerna, they did some shows, close to home and their material was mainly covers from artists like: Hammerfall, Gary Moore and Stratovarius. Some of their own material was also presented.

But ReinXeed became the ’real’ start for Tommy’s musical career. The band has, until now, released four successful albums. Signed by Doolittle Group in Sweden, licensed by King Records in Japan, this band has an great following – in Sweden, of course, but also in India, Japan, Indonesia, Holland and USA. The project: Swedish Hitz Goes Metal happened when Christian Liljegren, label manager for Doolittle but also artist (Narnia, Golden Resurrection & DivineFire,) stumbled across one of Tommy’s interpretations of Abba on YouTube.

Back to the CD where this review is about, Swedish Hitz Goes Metal, as the title suggests, all Swedish artists. Famous / known songs of Abba, Roxette and Ace Of Base, old songs in a new ‘metal’ jacket. As almost everyone knows the songs on this CD, this is a perfect party album, the songs everyone can sing along.
Songs from the ’80’s are usually very nice and are very comfortable in hearing (even after 20/30 years). Personally I have nothing with Abba, but these covers are fine, just as the Roxette and Ace Of Base covers (especially the Roxette songs are completely top).

I would say just listen to some songs (below are  the 2 music video’s The Look and Money Money Money) and buy the album. It’s a fun & happy album, even for the non-metal fan. Some covers are far better then the original, but that is just my opinion. And it might be a good idea, to give away / a nice gift for the upcoming Sinterklaas / Christmas period?

Rating: 7.5/10

Tommy ReinXeed — Guitars & vocals
Nic Steel — Bass
Sebastian Roos — Guitars & backing vocals
Anders Berlin — Keyboards & backing vocals
Andreas “HABO” Johansson — Drums

Label: Doolittle Group, 2011

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01. Mamma Mia (Abba Cover)
02. The Look (Roxette Cover)
03. Lay All Your Love On Me (Abba Cover)
04. The Sign (Ace Of Base Cover)
05. Summer Night (Abba Cover)
06. Sleeping In My Car (Roxette Cover)
07. Super Trouper (Abba Cover)
08. Money Money Money (Abba Cover)
09. Beautiful Life (Ace Of Base Cover)
10. Intermezzo No1 (Abba Cover)
11. The Winner Takes It All (Abba Cover)
12. All That She Wants (Ace Of Base Cover)
13. Joyride (Roxette Cover)
14. Listen To Your Heart (Roxette Cover)









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