Superunknown ‘Bite The Bullet’ – Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere


Superunknown is a metal band hailing from Hyderabad, India, with members that include; Rueban Issac on Vocals, Yohan Issac on Guitars/Bass and Shawn Jacob on Drums (Session). Their musical style is a blend of alternative metal and grunge – We are exited to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Bite The Bullet’. The track appears on the upcoming D45 which will be released via Rottweiler Records.

The lyric video covers the song Bite the bullet. Superunknown came up with the song purely from the perspective of making a heavy opener for the album. The song lyrically talks about self sacrifice; the giving up of one’s own interests in order to help others.”

Rueban Issac states:Superunknown is an alternative metal studio project that I had started in 2011, when I was without a band. I wanted a creative outlet for playing alternative metal and grunge music, outside of playing aggressive hardcore and thrash metal music (that I currently do with R.A.I.D).”

About the recording he adds: “The album was originally recorded back in 2011, but never got to see the light of a proper release because we were not completely satisfied with the production, and later got occupied with other music and personal commitments. It was not until late 2019, that we decided to revisit the album and revamp the entire album. We roped in Shawn Jacob, who produced R.A.I.D’s sophomore album; Imperium to take over production duties for the album. We also decided to re record all the drum parts, with Shawn Jacob playing drums on the album.”

Issac continues: Rottweiler Records “Putting out the Superunknown album through Rottweiler Records was just natural. Working with the label based on past experiences with my band R.A.I.D had been tremendous. The label has always put the interests of artist/band first. We are thankful for Rottweiler Records in signing Superunknown and are thrilled to present our upcoming album via Rottweiler Records worldwide soon.”

To define the word “Unknown” would be to view something or someone as “not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding; strange; unfamiliar.” Life is full of mysteries and incomplete understanding. What is unseen is eternal.

So, it is with Hyderabad, India’s Superunknown. The core of the band was founded in 2019, around the vision of R.A.I.D vocalist; Rueban Issac. In addition to Rueban, the line up comprises of Yohan Issac on Guitars/Bass and Shawn Jacob as a session Drummer.

Superunknown ’s Alternative Metal musical style is a culmination of influences as varied as Helmet, Sevendust, Filter, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden. Lyrically, Superunknown focuses on the spiritual bond between Jesus Christ and self, that further leads to the expression of faith and trust in our King

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