Progressive Metal Band Sunburst Announces New Album “Manifesto”


The cinematic progressive metal band SUNBURST will release their new album “MANIFESTO” via Inner Wound Recordings on June 14th. The album will be available on CD, limited vinyl editions and digital.

SUNBURST was formed in 2010 and inspired by bands like Dream Theater, Nevermore, Conception and Symphony X they started to write songs and play shows. Their debut album “Fragments of Creation” was released in 2016 by Inner Wound Recordings and received fantastic feedback from fans and media around the globe and it received an impressive 88/100 review in the prestigious Burrn! Magazine in Japan. Many critics hailed SUNBURST as one of the best and most exciting newcomers in the progressive metal scene for a long time.

After the album came out SUNBURST played a number of successful shows in Greece and Europe, and started to work on material for the follow up to “Fragments of Creation”. During the following years the members of Sunburst kept busy touring and recording with other bands, but late 2023 they finally completed their sophomore album entitled “Manifesto”.

When you listen to the new album, it’s clear that the band stepped up their game. The material is more progressive, heavy, complex and melodic compared to the debut album. The songs are more dramatic and there are more orchestral arrangements and parts on “Manifesto”, which gives the album a movie-like, cinematic vibe. You will also find the elements that SUNBURST are known for on the album, like impressive instrumental parts, intense guitar riffing, soaring melodic vocals and emotional and memorable melodies.

The album was produced by Sunburst and Steve Lado, who also mixed and mastered the album. Bob Katsionis performs all keyboards on the album and John K came up with the orchestral arrangements on the songs “The Flood”, “Hollow Lies” and “Nocturne”. The artwork was created by SUNBURST vocalist Vasilis Georgiou (HALO Creative Design Lab).

The result is a must have album for fans of progressive metal and bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Conception, Haken and Tesseract! Don’t miss out on “Manifesto”, an epic journey of cinematic progressive metal!

“Manifesto” track listing:

  1. The Flood
  2. Hollow Lies
  3. Samaritan
  4. Perpetual Descent
  5. Inimicus Intus
  6. From the Cradle to the Grave
  7. Manifesto
  8. Nocturne

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