Stryper Guitarist Oz Fox Hospilatized After Suffering Major Seizure


Stryper guitarist Oz Fox was hospitalized on Thursday (October 22) after suffering a major seizure. Oz took to social media to share the photo below, along with the caption: “After having a major seizure tonight, I’m doing better. I appreciate your prayers.”

Fox‘s wife, Annie Lobért, shared the photo below via Twitter, stating: “Tonight my heart almost stopped. The love of my life @SirOzFox had a massive seizure. It was one of THE most terrifying moments of my life with him. But all of you prayed! We will pull through no matter what hell is coming against us. You better believe it….we have JESUS!”

In a previous post on October 19, Annie revealed that Oz is set to undergo brain surgery. She wrote: “I love my husband Oz Fox @SirOzFox who doesn’t mind when I change my hair to any color. We have some life changing decisions to make next month. The love of my life will be getting surgery on his brain. Gulp. With God…he will over come. Prayers appreciated.”

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