‘Happy Newyear’ from ‘The Metal Resource’, Staff Picks: The Top 10 Best Albums of 2019


First of all, Happy Newyear, wishing you all a healthy, blessed and prosperous 2020!

Thanks for your support over the past year, we really appreciate that. The past year has brought us loads of decent new releases, new bands and nice concerts/festivals. We expect that 2020 will be even better! The next year will be the 14th. year of ‘The Metal Resource’.

Anyway, a little bit later then expected: But we are having each staff member of our team list their choices for The Top 10 Best Albums Of 2019 (In no particular order). Unfortunately, not everything is delivered on time, so as you can see below there are missing a few top-10 lists. 


Darkwater – “Human”
Dimhav – “The Boreal Flame”
Cellar Darling – “The Spell”
Antonello Giliberto – “The Strategy Of Chaos”
All Things Fallen – “Self-titled”
Neal Morse – “Jesus Christ The Exorcist”
Michael Sweet – “Ten”
XIII Minutes – “Obsessed”
Lance King – “ReProgram”
S91 – “Across The Sacred Path”

John Jackson

Adorned in Ash – “Apocalyptic Violence”
Diviner – “Realms of Time”
Malchus – “Dziedzictwo”
White Collar Sideshow – “I Didn’t Come Here to Die”
Gloryhammer – “Legends Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex”
Veil of Deception – “Dissident Voices”
Living Fire – “The Flame Still Burns”
Iron Savior – “Kill or Get Killed”
Drottnar – “Monolith”
Astralium – “Land of Eternal Dreams”

Ankit Sood

Opeth – “In Cauda Venenum”
Skald In Veum – “Stridslysten”
Eluveitie – “Ategnatos”
Signum Regis – “The seal of new World”
The Weakening– “Chains of Plato”
Narnia – “From Darkness to Light”
Shadow Puncher – “To victory we March”
For I am King – “I”
Tool – “Fear Inoculum”
As I Lay Dying – “Shaped by Fire”


Leah – “Ancient Winter
As I Lay Dying – “Shaped by Fire”
Wind Rose – “Wintersaga”
Michael Sweet – “Ten”
Signum Regis – “The seal of new World”
Neal Morse – Jesus Christ the Exorcist”
Eluveitie – “Ategnatos”
Gloryhammer – “Legends Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex”
Koen Herfst – “Leo”
Demon Hunter – “War & Peace”

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