Brazilian Power Metal Opera Project ‘Soulspell’ – ‘We Got The Right’ (Helloween Cover) Video Released (Feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens, Blaze Bayley, Arjen Lucassen, Matt Smith and More)


soulspell_band‘We Got The Right’ is a tribute to the German power metal band Helloween by Soulspell Metal Opera. Guest vocalists on this song are: Arjen Lucassen [Ayreon, The Gentle Storm], Blaze Bayley [ex. Iron Maiden], Daisa Munhoz [Vandroya], Victor Emeka, Tim “Ripper” Owens [ex. Judas Priest, Iced Earth], Matt Smith [Theocracy], Jefferson Albert [Vandroya], Glauco Alves, Manuela Saggioro, Michael Vescera [ex. Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Animetal USA], Pedro Campos. The track was mixed and mastered by Matt Smith at Theocracized Studios. The video can be seen in the clip below.

The track is taken from “30 Years Of Happiness” (a Brazilian tribute to Helloween) which has been released in 2014. The album includes an impressive list of Brazilian metal band’s who are influenced by Helloween. See the tracklist below.

Soulspell‘s latest album “Hollow’s Gathering,” has been released in Europe and North America on October 12 through Inner Wound Recordings.

The album contains 10 tracks and features incredible guest appearances from metal icons such as Tim “Ripper” Owens [ex. Judas Priest, Iced Earth], Blaze Bayley [Iron Maiden], Michael Vescera [Obsession, ex. Loudness, Malmsteen], Markus Grosskopf [Helloween], Amanda Sommerville [Avantasia], Matt Smith [Theocracy] and many more, “Hollow’s Gathering” is an epic metal album filled with fantastic performances and nice diversity.

Our review of “Hollows Gathering” can be found here.

Soulspell Metal Opera is a Brazilian Heavy Metal project conceived by drummer Heleno Vale. Many singers play different characters in a story concerning the conflicts among human emotions in a way never broached before. These characters face situations of internal conflict as they are requested for making decisions which, without their knowledge, affect and change the course of the present, future, and even past of all the other characters. Although the story takes place in the present, many historic events are also tangled in it. Soulspell story intends to make us wonder how a fifteen-year-old boy, a powerful evil dragon, or even a simple humble lumberjack, by simply living and believing, can interfere in the lives of all in every possible dimension.

For an interview with Soulspell‘s founder & drummer Heleno Vale, click here.

Helloween Brazil

01. Soulspell – We Got The Right
02. Pastore – How Many Tears
03. Vandroya – March Of Time
04. Altergeist – The Chance
05. Bruno Sutter & Children Of The Seven Keys – Keeper Of The Seven Keys
06. Angels Holocaust – Liar
07. Scelerata – Twilight Of The Gods
08. Rygel – Before The War
09. Blackchest – Tales Of Jericho (Cry For Freedom, Victim Of Fate, Ride The Sky, Heavy Metal Is The Law)
10. Evildead – Halloween
11. Thunderwrath – Hell Was Made In Heaven
12. Victoria – Someone’s Crying
13. Hell’s Keeper – We Damn The Night
14. Victim Of Fate – Victim Of Fate
15. Miura Jam – If I Could Fly (feat. Vanessa Lockhart)
16. Laura Giorgi – The Time Of The Oath (with Fabio Carito e Thiago Oliveira)
Video below ‘We Got The Right’

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