Apr 222016

Guerra EspiritialArgentinian metal band ‘Prevalece’ recently released a video for ‘Guerra Espiritual’ (Spiritual Warfare). The song comes of their first albumGuerra Espiritual” which has been released in 2014. The video can be seen below.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate much information on Prevalece other than bits I’ve translated off their Facebook profile, which is also in all Spanish.  From what I can tell, Guerra Espiritual” appears to be their first release and is an independent one.

My first impression of “Guerra Espiritual” is that this could very well be Metallica from the Black album era done in Spanish.  Especially when you listen to a song like ‘Holocausto’ you can hear the Metallica influence. 

Néstor Garrido’s vocals even sound quite a bit like James Hetfield’s in terms of tone and other vocal inflections throughout the songs. Guitar solos are very well done but that is one aspect that wouldn’t fit with the Metallica comparison as they are different than what you would expect from Kirk Hammet.

Prevalece is an obviously Christian band with a strong message.  Simple translation of the album title gives  Spiritual Warfare, and song titles relay that message with other songs including : ‘Seventy times seven’ , ‘Sacrifice‘, and ‘The only way’. The video for ‘Sacrificio’ also conveys that message as the clips are depictions of the life of Jesus.

Our entire review of Guerra Espiritual” can be found here.

The band is comprised of: Néstor Garrido – Guitar and vocals, Mauro Valverde –  Bass and backing vocals, Sebastian Lopez – Drums, Emmanuel Rodriguez – Guitar.

Guerra Espiritual” is available for free download.

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Video below: ‘Guerra Espiritual’

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