Signum Regis – “Chapter IV: Reckoning” Limited Vinyl Edition Announced


signum_regis_band_2015_Ulterium Records will release a LP edition of the latest Signum Regis album “Chapter IV: The Reckoning”. The LP will be strictly limited to 300 copies and the release date is set to June 3rd.

Ronnie König of Signum Regis comments:

“This release is not just about making the CD available on a different format. The album Chapter IV: The Reckoning was remixed and remastered specially for the vinyl release in order to maximize the listener experience. For the manufacturing, we used 24-bit, less compressed sound, which is more dynamic and pleasant for listening. Since the mix is also a bit different, fans might hear some nuances, that they haven’t heard before. I believe, that those who liked the CD will love the LP.”

Our review of “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” can be found here


“Chapter IV: The Reckoning” LP track listing:

Side A
01. Quitters Never Win
02. The Voice In The Wilderness
03. The Magi
04. The Secret Of The Sea
05. When Freedom Fails

Side B
01. Lost And Found
02. Prophet Of Doom
03. Tempter Of Evil
04. The Kingdom Of Heaven
05. Bells Are Tolling

The LP can be pre-ordered here:
Signum Regis
Ulterium Records

Upcoming Shows:
2016-07-01 @ Rocková Hostim III, Czech Republic
2016-07-09 @ Headbanger RkFest, Slovakia Ružomberok,
2016-07-16  @ Harley Days Prešov, Slovakia w/ Megadeth
2016-09-17 @ Metal Church, Switzerland

Video below: ‘Quitters Never Win’

Lyric video: ‘Lost And Found’

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