Signum Regis – The Making of ‘Prisoner’s Elegy’ (Video)


The melodic metal band Signum Regis have released their new album “The Seal Of A New World” on Nov 22nd 2019 worldwide through Beyond The Storm Productions. It’s the first album with the new singer Jota Fortinho. Check out the making of video for their 3rd single ‘Prisoner’s Elegy’ below.

There are 12 new tracks on the album. Among those 12 songs, there are all sonic trademarks of the band. Fans can enjoy fast, melodic, heavy, mid tempo, rocking songs and also an epic ballad.

The album was mixed by Ronnie König and mastered by the famous Jacob Hansen. One of the interesting aspects of the production is, that there are no triggers and drum samples on drums. The sound is 100% acoustic, which is quite rare for a band of this genre and therefore, it helps this album to stand out of the crowd.

Backing vocals on the album were done by David Åkesson. You can also hear 2 solos from Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande, Kiske/Somerville) and a guest appearance by Eli Prinsen (The Sacrificed, Sacred Warrior).

The artwork was created by Jota Fortinho.

“The Seal Of A New World” album track list:

Kings Of The Underground
Prisoner’s Elegy
I Always Go All-In
The City Of God
The Seal Of A New World
A Memory
Let Freedom Ring
Never Surrender
Fly away
Scheme Of Lies (bonus)

“The Seal Of A New World” and new merch can be ordered here:

Our album review of “The Seal Of A New World” can be found here.

Video for ‘Prisoner’s Elegy’ [Making Of]

Video for ‘Prisoner’s Elegy’

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