Showbread’s Final Album “Showbread is Showdead” Available Now


showbread_2016The eclectic Showbread have returned to music for what will be their final go-around. On Jan. 8th. the band released their long-awaited final album, “Showbread Is Showdead, “which serves as an ode to 2004’s cult-classic, ‘No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical.’

Additionally, Showbread will take the stage for a limited number of farewell shows in 2016. While details have yet to be revealed, the band have opened a submission forum on their website for potential bookings.

In 2014, the original members of Showbread reunited for a 10-year anniversary show of “No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical.” To coincide with “Showbread Is Showdead,” they released a documentary, titled “The Music Is Dead,” which unearths the origin behind one of punk’s most maddeningly dynamic albums ever.

showbread is showdead

0I. Am Horrible at Processing Rejection
02. January 3, 1889: Nietzsche Witnesses the Flogging of a Horse
03. Why Shouldn’t We Kill Ourselves?
04. Harry Harlow and the Monkeys of Despair
05. Raw Rock Theology
06. My Shadow Is a Bat
07. Dear John Piper (Stillbirth in Space)
08. Legacy of Skubalon
09. Nine Weeks, Four Days: The Fetus Develops Teeth
10. Showbread Is Showdead
11. Life After Life After Death

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