‘Shadow Puncher’ Frontman Announces Side Project ‘Tunge Byrder’


Tunge Byrder – Is a christian black metal project runned by Shadow Puncher‘s frontman Max Kevin Ølstøren – he checked in with the following:.

“But the heck, im gonna share this with you all now. As you see i have also a passion for black metal so im gonna make a unblack metal side project to publish albums for free downloads on bandcamp etc and there will be no physical cds etc of this side project. The bm collab with timoratus will be the only one for shadow puncher and some bm songs on the new release till spring will be the only album featuring some bm songs. After the new release till spring there will be only death metal etc on this project and my side project will be bm featuring some bad drawings (still a newbie on paintings) and some photos of the wonderful nature we have here in my county on the album covers. So the side project is most likely gonna be unsigned as a choice for have it as a independent

Tunge Byrder‘s logo is created by Mason Beard (The Bearded Productions)’

The cover art for the upcoming debut album “A Ice Cold Spiritual Warfare” can be seen below. There will be coming a more improved album art cover drawn by Max Winston Cobleigh who is also the artist for the raw black metal band Hazarmaveth. Ølstøren said.

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