Power Melodic Metal Band Dreamyth Releases New Music Video ‘Odyssey’ Off Forthcoming Debut Album “Aletheia” feat Guests: Eduardo Guilló, Ralf Scheepers, Herbie Langhans, Bob Katsionis


Spanish power melodic metal Dreamyth will be releasing the debut album “Aletheia” on April 14, 2023, via Rockshots Records. Combining heavy riffs, epic and majestic orchestrations, modern synths, and stunning vocal and harmonies with finesse like no one else, the band delivers high caliber album with special guests Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia), Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind) and Eduardo Guilló (Sun of the Dying, Crusade of Bards). Dreamyth intends to conquer the heart of metal fans all around the world.

Today, in support of the full-length, the band is sharing their latest music video for the track “Odyssey” featuring guest growl vocals from Eduardo Guilló (Crusade of Bards, Sun of the Dying).

The band explains the track in further detail:

‘Odyssey’ has one of our favourites choruses, epic and melodic where the vocalists show their power. It is the first song on the album, a drum roll moved by the wind breaks the silence to lead the way to one of the heaviest tracks on the record, powerful riffs and synthesizers command, and without knowing very well how, the adventure begins. Andrea and Edu introduce themselves in a combination of beautiful melodies and raw growls answering each other. The Etesian winds, those that mysteriously brought them here, predict a change. Before you know it, you’ll be right into the chorus, one of the catchiest on the album, a main melody sung by Andrea accompanied by numerous backing vocals from Dani, who bursts onto the scene without going unnoticed, plus even more guttural responses from Edu, three distinct vocal lines that merge at the end of the chorus to give it a force out of the ordinary. Bravery! Odyssey! Are the Battle Cries. Melodic, a lot of dynamism between the different vocal registers that our singers display here. With more vocal ornaments than instrumental compared to others, Odyssey is called to be one of the favorites of the album as it is for us.”

Dreamyth was formed in 2020 by guitarist and composer Adrián Carrero (Crusade of Bards) and drummer David Macarrilla. Dreamyth crafted its name by combining the words “Dream” and “Myth”, which they described as “a new world beyond imagination where its Myths and legends are real”. Andrea Carrero completed the core of the project after singing on all the song demos (released and unreleased). Soon after they were joined by Paolo Andreotti (Crusade of Bards) and second vocalist Dani G.

Band co-founder Adrián Carrero’s passion for classical history and culture, especially his stories about mythology in different cultures influences the lyrics that accompany the band’s compositions. Everything takes place in a new world where they are the Gods, Aletheia.

The concept album transports fans to a new world “ALETHEIA”, and the myth and legends that surround it are sometimes approached from a philosophical point of view.

“The idea was born from the need to give a new approach to the way of telling the myths of our world. Over the years, these stories derived from cultural traditions or legends, which have a deep symbolic meaning and usually involve a lesson, have been shared in different ways and have always generated a certain curiosity and inspiration in society. Luckily, there are tons of myths and legends and often many variations of the same core story between different cultures.” adds Adrián Carrero.

This first album focuses on the creation of this new world and its beginning, giving rise to a polytheistic culture where the band members are the most revered Gods with different attributes. In this approach, the band makes its own reinterpretation of some classical myths (including references to some of the most famous Greek mythologies) mixed with different personal experiences and concerns. With two lead vocals, the record brings a constant contrast, giving more life to the melodies and strengthening specific parts with numerous backing vocals. Apart from them, the first-class guests bring much more musical variety, and metal fans will be surprised and in their comfort zone at the same time with this album. Epic and catchy melodies mixed with a powerful instrumental background.

The musical composition of the album is clearly influenced by the great power metal and symphonic groups, some of the band members’ favorite genres. “Aletheia” incorporates flourished power, pop, metal, and rock songs combined with incredible storytelling of a mythical, and unique world filled with wonderful shades of “light in the dark.” On it, you can see a lot of guitars with double“Do you think you know all the tales? Maybe not… not in this world. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Dream Show, welcome to my land, please, welcome… To Dreamyth”​d melodies, keyboards interacting with these melodies, epic orchestrations with a high level of detail, a lot of contrasts… music with a big amount of different sounds, from intimate ballads with only acoustic instruments to furious riffs leading to epic or darkness places.

Adrián Carrero adds, “The band and I are so excited to bring you the first chapter of our story! We’ve been working really hard on all this music, making the stories connect and the music itself reflect the plot of each. It’s definitely the most time we’ve spent on a musical project and the first time I’m leading all the work, from the first song ideas to the lyrics. We hope people enjoy it as much as we did forging it.”

Dreamyth is recommended for fans of Avantasia, Firewind, and Beast in Black.

Lyric video for: First single / title track – ‘Aletheia’ ft. Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia):

Track Listing:​
1. Creatio Ex Nihilo (Intro) – 1:10
2. Odyssey – 4:02
3. Aletheia – 5:03
4. In this Nightmare – 4:27
5. The Curse of the Erinyes – 3:55
6. Dreamland – 6:18
7. Firelove – 7:22
8. Fairytale – 4:55
9. My Delight – 4:55
10. Down to the Moon – 5:19
11. In Aeternum (Outro) – 2:27
12. Cuento de Hadas (Bonus track) – 4:56
Album Length: 54:54

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Album Credits (music, cover/art, production):​
MUSIC by Adrián Carrero
PRODUCED by Adrián Carrero and Dani G
BOB KATSIONIS keyboard solo on “DREAMLAND”

For more info: 
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