Holiday Gift Guide: Full Circle: The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Circle of Dust [A FiXT Documentary]


This holiday season descend into the history of Circle of Dust; the untold story spanning over two decades of the essential, genre-defying ‘90s industrial project Circle of Dust. Explore the early career of visionary artist, composer, musician and producer Klayton, who would later gain recognition for his category transcending project Celldweller.

Over 30 interviews and more than 2.5 hours of bonus footage on the 2-Disc DVD set, including live VHS bootlegs, a mini-documentary featuring Klayton’s collaborative side project Argyle Park, an in-studio expose on the gear and production of Circle of Dust, lyric and music videos; Full Circle is the perfect gift for any die-hard Circle of Dust or Celldweller fan this Christmas.


Full Circle: The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Circle of Dust

• Feature-Length Documentary
• 30+ Interviews
• Never before seen footage, interviews & live video
• Available September 21, 2018 on Digital HD via YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Video, Google Play & more…

Also available on 2-Disc DVD Set with DVD Bonus Features
• Over 4 hours of footage
• Argyle Park: Misguided (Mini-Documentary)
• Making The Music: The Gear & Production of Circle of Dust (Mini-Documentary)
• Circle of Dust Live: VHS Bootlegs (17 Songs)
• Circle of Dust Music Videos & Lyric Videos


When the album “Machines of Our Disgrace” released in 2016, the first new album from Circle of Dust in nearly 20 years, many believed this to be a one-time return for Klayton to release under the moniker.

“Machines of Our Disgrace” marks the 5th full-length studio album for industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust, after a near 20 year hiatus. Created by artist/producerKlayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, Circle of Dust returns to Klayton’s industrial roots with metal riffs, pulsing electronics and catchy songwriting.

Our review of “Machines of Our Disgrace” can be found here.

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Video for Full Circle: The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Circle of Dust (Trailer)


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