Sef Idle – “Someday, Today” (ep)


Sef Idle returns with a follow up ep to 2013’s Start Today, and once again provides a heartfelt performance of acoustic songs that are at once relatable and entertaining.

Times have certainly changed a bit for Sef Idle.  In the past, there is a lot of loud, brash punk rock covering over 20 years from bands the likes of UniSef and False Idle among others, but now Sef chooses to go by the tagline of being a “Boise-based solo acoustic musician. Going back about 10yrs, Sef wrote the song “Get Back Up” to be released as an acoustic track but that song wasn’t released until 2012 when it was added to a the uniSEF discography.  The solo project really didn’t take off until False Idle took a break and in 2013 Sef released Start Today, a six-song acoustic ep.  Since then Sef has played shows up and down the West coast, recorded some singles for various compilations, been involved a number of great albums from the mastering side of things in Simpul Studios, and now has released Someday, Today as an acoustic ep.

To put it simply, after listening to the 3 song acoustic ep series on Thumper Punk Records (including Sef’s contribution) and other punk rock groups and singers  doing acoustic projects, talented punk rock musicians can write and perform some great, heartfelt songs.  While the usual sneering tone and loud guitars are missing, Sef manages to convey the emotion and feelings behind these songs in such a way that it feels almost like a conversation between friends.

The beauty of the songs is that they are so relatable and delivered in such an honest way.  On “I Don’t Remember” Sef takes a look at everyday struggles “I thought some things would get easier the older that we got…Picking myself up is getting harder every day” and then in “Someday, Today” provides some good advice “…so take time to focus on the little things, the things that make good memories last” as “Someday, today will be the good old days”.  For “Where I Became Me” Sef tells about an influential period in his life growing up in 1985-1992 and how he struggled to find his identity and found music, skateboards, and becoming a daydreamer.  For the first time on the ep, Sef’s voice and guitar are joined by strings and a piano that provide a bit more depth and texture to the track but in no way overshadow the storytelling.  “Hold On” is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album as Sef encourages listeners with “Unexpected things will come along, so expect the unexpected and look forward to the things yet to come.”  One of the surprises on the ep is the cover of the Gorilla Biscuits classic track “Start Today”.  Sef’s changing vocal delivery throughout the song works really well and the backing vocals and keyboards and bass that make an appearance in the song work really well but still let the vocals shine.

The majority of the performances on the album are basically just Sef and guitar with some carefully added backing vocals in various spots but used in such a way that they really are just an accent.  This somewhat limited landscape of sound allow Sef’s smooth vocals to come through clearly and the nuances in delivery are not masked by the instruments, giving the ep more of an intimate feeling.  If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, but still impactful, Someday, Today is a collection of songs that showcase a performer who has learned how to craft songs that appeal to a broad audience and who delivers them with authentic emotion that strikes a chord in the listener.

Rating: 9/10

Written by John Jackson

1. I Don’t Remember
2. Someday, Today
3. Where I Became Me
4. Hold On
5. Start Today (GB cover)

Band Members
Sef Idle – Vocals, guitars

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: 8 May 2018

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

Audio for ‘I Don’t Remember’

Audio for ‘Start Today’

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