2 Minute Minor – “Blood on Our Front Stoop”


2 Minute Minor are back with their sophomore release bringing old-school youthcrew, positive hardcore back to listeners who really should be looking out for this.

For those who aren’t familiar with 2 Minute Minor, the band is a Chicago-based old-school positive hardcore punk/Oi band whose main stance is promoting unity and human rights.  Going along with this they trace influences back to 80’s hardcore bands and the influence of those bands is unmistakable in their music.  As is the case in the genre, the band is about promoting a Positive Mental Attitude while tackling issues such as substance abuse, racism, homelessness, sexism, and classism, while maintaining a sense of humor that keeps the music approachable.  This time 2MM recorded the album in Kalamazoo, MI with Jeff Hostetler with band member Zach Bridier doing the mixing and Sef Idle at Simpul Studios handling the mastering.

So, 14 songs and 16 minutes…my first thought is that this will be entertaining if nothing else since I enjoyed their first album.  For those who understand hockey at all, the intro with some radio commentary on the Stanley Cup with a Chicago Blackhawks win over rivals Detroit, is perfectly fitting and then later the song about fighting racists with Bob Probert (ex-Blackhawk and Red Wing enforcer) is a great touch, especially working in a “Bruise Brothers” reference.

On the album, songs are short and fast-paced and have a rumbling rhythm section that sets the pace for the fast guitar riffs.  Songs often start out with some ominous slow, churning riffs before picking up speed.  Wiley Willis vocals have more of a punk rock sneer than many similar hardcore bands and at times there channel some John Joseph (Cro-Mags) at times, perhaps as a nod to the past.  Production is clean, but rough, perfect for the songs.  In general, the music is not overly complex and the vocals are clear and to the point, with songs addressing causes and viewpoints the band believes in, even working in their love of La Croix and criticism of the tax on sugary drinks and how it was misapplied to LaCroix in their area.  Guest vocals are scattered throughout and make their strongest appearance on “Unite the Crew” which is really a perfect song for them given the subject matter and the extended singalong section adds more to the concept and brings up images of massive pile-ons and stage invasions during live performances.

The striking thing for me is that despite the serious nature of the songs, they are presented in such a way that draws people in, not an easy task given the subject matter and one that many bands never seem to figure out.  The best comparison I can think of would be how at the Sick of It All shows I’ve been to over the years, the songs are furious, fast, and full of energy, but in between the band is laughing and joking with the crowd and there’s a general sense of unity and acceptance despite the chaos while the music is playing.

This collection of songs will be a great add to any hardcore playlist as it channels bands like Warzone, 7 Seconds and so many others making it sound familiar and yet having enough unique aspects to keep it new.  Best of all the sense of humor, and positive attitude shine through in a way that brings the songs to a higher level.

Rating: 8/10

Written by John Jackson

1. Victory is Ours
2. Can’t be Defeated
3. It’s a Disease
4. Soda Tax
5. What’s the Use
6. Blood on our Front Stoop
7. Words to the Wise
8. Tried & True
9. One Step at a Time
10. Probert
11. Tent City
12. Unite the Crew

Band Members
Wiley Willis – vocals
Bob Shields – Guitar
Virgil Lloyd – Guitar
Michael Perlmutter – Guitar
Noam Ostrander – Bass
Zach Bridier – Drums

Record Label: ZAP Records

Release Date: May 2018

‘Change My Life’ single (2017)
“A Goon’s Best Friend” (2017) [review]
“Blood on Our Front Stoop” (2018)

Weblinks: Bandcamp Facebook


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