‘Sef Idle’ Announces 4 Way Acoustic Split Album (Video Announcement)


False Idle frontman Sef Idle checked in with the following announcement:

Coming in the summer of 2019, a brand new 4 way acoustic split album with contributions from Dennis Jagard, of the legendary Ten Foot Pole, Sef Idle of False Idle, Rob Lanterman, and Russ Worstell. This will be a 12 song release. Details to follow.

Sef Idle is a Boise-based solo acoustic musician who has a long history of fronting punk bands, such as False Idle and uniSEF, for nearly years. In 2013 Sef released his first EP, “Start Again”on Thumper Punk Records (TPR). Since then, Sef has continued to play shows up and down the west coast, recorded singles for compilations, started doing acoustic covers songs and most recently released a full band 3 song EP of original songs for TPR.

After taking a couple years off from performing live, Sef is gearing up to get back into the show scene in 2017 and is also planning his first full-length release.

Our review of Sef‘s latest solo ep “Someday, Today” can be found here.

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