‘Sanctuary Holland’ Official Website Launched


We all know:  Sanctuary International, which began as a church in 1985 [founded by pastor Bob Beeman]. Its vision was to provide discipleship to the Christian metal movement that was just the beginning. It has been on the cutting edge of Christian metal since that time. Today, Sanctuary International is a ministry, NOT a church, reaching out to the metal community worldwide. Pastor Bob, along with many on the Sanctuary International staff, work with Christian Metal festivals around the world.

After Sanctuary USA, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and other countries. Sanctuary is now also active in the Netherlands, under the name Sanctuary Holland. They are very proud that their official website is now online.

About Sanctuary  Holland: In August of 2010, the idea of  Sanctuary Holland was formed in the minds of some people within the Dutch christian metalscene.  After experiencing misunderstandings from other (non – metal) christians about us dressing in black and listening to hard music, the thought was to create a foundation, to be able to bring unity in the Dutch christian metalscene, but also to go out to people and churches who have these misunderstandings and are willing to discuss this matter.

We were lucky to meet Pastor Bob Beeman, the creator of Sanctuary International, in September 2010. He stayed in The Netherlands for a few days and we talked about starting something like Sanctuary. He was very excited about the idea and he gave us permission to use the name Sanctuary. Since that moment, we worked hard to make our vision for Sanctuary Holland real. We talked, build up networks in The Netherlands and abroad, and we have a lot of other ideas in what we can do as Sanctuary Holland.

We believe that God loves all  people, also in their differences. The church should represent the children of God in all their facets and personalities.

Weblinks: Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

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