Sacrificium – “Prey For Your Gods”


Prey For Your God'sThere is something to be said about experience, and it generally pays off. Sacrificium is been around for sometime now, since 1993, and you don’t stay this long in the game without making some noise. Originally a thrash metal band, these now German death metallers whom had their big break in 2002 signing to WhirlWind Records for their debut release, “Cold Black Piece Of Flesh” show on their latest, “Prey For Your Gods” that they are more than capable of bringing to the table a brutal and energetically pulsating nitrous release.

Brutal, seems to be the in thing now days when its comes to death metal, and there is nothing tame or pretty about this album, and that picture is clear right from the first track, ‘Contradiction of a depressed void’. This is make your mom go mad music, that makes your pet spontaneously combust, and your neighbors phone the cops on merely pressing the play button on the cd player. Expect a thrashing and gnashing of guitars and drums. The genre generally illecits strong feelings and opinions, and there is just no middle ground when it comes to this. Its brutal. Amongst the immediate carnage you get a sense of versatility, with out taking away from the over brutal onslaught they bring what seems with much conviction, energy and skill.

For me the intro to, ‘From Solitude to Insanity’ shows more than competent musicians at work, and the fact that they have a versatility within their thrash death sound that brings a sense of melody and rythem pushes them pass the usual expected death metal cliche’s. To be honest its not my absolute choice of music, and you ain’t gonna be playing this at a tea party get together, but its great for a good headbanging session. Its great for a guy like me who enjoys a bit of melody in his song, and that its not all just barks, and guitar mangling assisted by excessively violent drumming track after track, or else this would be plain boring.

‘To Forgive And To Suffer” has an interesting and unique intro that starts with hi-hat which I quite enjoy before going enjoy a catchy guitar riff that shines through the uniqueness, versatility and melodic side of the band, before the head down the more usual death metal inferences. The other plus side of experience, is often a sense of maturity, and if you are unable to mature and expound on your skill ability then you either going to fall to stagnation, or slip back, both are not good places to set up camp in. So is this release a step forward, is it a more mature outtake that is looking forward, and not a look over the shoulder? Well I think one gets a sense with their experience that the album has a mature flavor to it. Its not some derivative of, or generic copy; instead they have been able to build on their past efforts and bring a fresh, vibrant and energy filled release. One that though leaning into some of the Old-school death metal traits; is a mature release that incorporates a willingness to bring in some of the new characteristics of the genre, and when one infuses that with their experience and talents, offers the listener with something unique, brutal yet palatable. This is not some throw-rag death metal release. I mean its not 100% free of the barking cliche’s of death metal, but that said its a great album. Whether you agree or not on the cliche’s and so forth, I certainly believe we can stand in agreement that this is a pretty fine piece of musical product.

In conclusion one can run around in circles at times with words in conveying a certain message or feeling, leaving some bored, maybe lost, or confused and like just get to the point please. I think more so, in this modern age, where time is an important commodity in how we choose to spend it. So without further rambling…..My favorite songs from this release are, ‘Contradiction Of A Depressed Void’, ‘To Forgive And To Suffer’, ‘Once Again’, ‘Prey For Your Gods’, ‘The Fallen Ones’ and ‘Afraid To Breathe’. Not bad to like 6 of the 10 tracks, and even more so considering that its a death metal release and not entirely my cup of tea. That has something to be said of the release. These guys have well shined their skill managing to stand shoulder to shoulder with bands like Extol, Unleashed, Eluveitie, Dismember, Hatesphere or Becoming the archetype… So if you like brutal death metal, pets exploding and neighborhood disturbances then this smash and thrash album served with a dose of melody and energy will keep you headbanging from beginning to end. This is an album for those whom like a bit of organized mayhem in their music.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1 Contradiction Of A Drepressed Void
2 From Solitude To Insanity
3 To Forgive And To Suffer
4 This Wraith
5 Worship The Grotesque
6 Once Again
7 Prey For Your Gods
8 The Fallen Ones
9 Shallow Beauty
10 Afraid To Breathe

Record Label: Whirlwind Records, 2013

Band members:
Claudio Enzler – vocals
Oliver Tesch – guitar
Matthias Brandt – guitar
Thorsten Brandt – bass guitar
Mario Henning – drums

Demo 1993
Demo 1996
Mortal Fear demo (1998)
Cold Black Piece of Flesh (2002)
Escaping the Stupor (2005)
Prey for your gods (2013)

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Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below ‘Prey For Your Gods’

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