‘Roxx Productions’ Set To Re-Issue ‘Vengeance Rising’ – ‘Human Sacrifice’ [25th Anniversary Edit]


Vengeance Rising earlyIt was 25 years ago this year when the Christian Metal scene would be forever changed. Bands like Barren Cross, Guardian and Stryper were household names in Christian Metal at this point, playing Melodic and Power Metal styles for the Christian Metal mainstream. Up to this point no band had come along that appealed to the heavier Christian Metal masses with that speed and thrash metal sound that was so prevalent in the Metal mainstream.

The year was 1988 when Intense Records would unleash the most brutal Christian Metal release to date, a release that would forever change the scene and the Christian Metal Industry. That album was entitled ‘Human Sacrifice’ and the band responsible for its release to an unsuspecting world, Vengeance Rising.

Few albums can claim to have started a musical movement like Human Sacrifice with its fast and heavy music with lyrics boldly reflecting faith in Christ. Initially the album would be deemed to brutal, with its graphic depiction of the bloodied hand of Christ, and some of the most brutally honest and graphic lyrics that would impact a generation, as a result the album would be banned from the shelves of many Christian retail outlets.

Roxx Records in partnership with Sanctuary International are set to recognize the 25th anniversary of this seminal ground breaking album with a very Limited Edition, hand-numbered picture disc pressing of this long out of print release. Having been out of print for many years in any format, barring a one-time Limited Edition CD pressing of only 1000 pieces on CD back in 2010, the vinyl version has been nearly impossible to find in any shape or form for many years, this Limited Edition pressing is sure to become a much sought after collector’s item.

This Limited Edition picture disc will be pressed to vinyl in a strictly limited quantity of only 300 pieces. The artwork is set to be completely recreated to resemble the original artwork using prints from the original photo sessions for the album cover by graphic artist Scott Waters. Additionally, the album is set to contain only the original 13 tracks which were completely remastered for vinyl by J Powell at Steinhaus Remastering.

In addition there will also be a very special Limited Edition 18” x 22” run poster of the ‘hand of Christ’ as portrayed on the original album cover that was taken from the original master photo shoot. Many people may not realize, but the hand on that album cover is actually that of Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International. Pastor Bob will be hand numbering and personally signing these Limited Edition posters which were recreated from that original print taken from his own personal collection, and are suitable for framing.

Set for release on October 1, 2013 these posters and the picture disc will quickly become collector’s items so snag one quickly! All of the proceeds from the sale of this poster will be donated to ‘The Bridge Bunch’ an organization established to help feed the homeless and displaced of Nashville Tennessee.

For pre-sale information and to stay up to date on the pressing with special emails and photos please sign up for our email list at www.roxxproductions.com

Also be sure to visit the official Vengeance Rising facebook page where you can hear news on the Anniversary happenings and talk with and share stories with some of the original members of Vengeance Rising. www.facebook.com/VengeanceRisingOfficial

Additionally please be sure to visit the official Pastor Bob Beeman website and tune in to his daily ‘Three minute Sanctuary’ daily devotionals to start your day and also to keep up with all things Sanctuary International and The Bridge Bunch. www.pastorbobbeeman.com

In August 2011, we did an interview with Pastor Bob. Have you missed it, check it out here.

vengeance 25th annversary


Video below  Human Sacrifice” live 1987

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