New Lyrics Available From ‘Krig’s’ ‘Decay’s Beholder’


Brazilian Christian Technical Death Metal band Krig will release their new and 5th album Decay’s Beholder in June/July 2012 as a independent release. Below you can read the last 4 lyrics from the upcoming album: Threw Out Prophecies, Quiet Ocean of Lies, Wild Civilization & Killer Tendency

The new album will be mixed and mastered by Jason Campbell [Erase, ex -Mortification]. Isaque Soares [guitars] says the album is almost finished.  A video of one of the recording sessions can be seen below, just like the tracklist and artwork.

As we reported before: Krig is organizing a contest amongst his fans / admirers, to use images taken by them in their new release Decay Beholders. For more information on the contest click here.

Threw out Prophecies [Daniell Corpse]

Already said, 2000 years ago
About a sort of prophecies
False prophets
Would throw out by mouth

Pay attention to the truth
Do not believe, if it is out of the sacred
Do not accept, Curse and disgrace
Keep what was said
Thru the true anointed

Threw our prophecies
By the mouth of the false prophets
Do not accept what is spat
By wolves dressed in white hat

The revelation era will come
Where the masks will break
And the true face of a liar
Will be revealed to the world


Quiet Ocean of Lies [Isaque Soares]

Got up today, trying to figure out things around me
True, there are many mysteries that surround us
Lie, they throw away upon us
Am I alone in this ship?

The question is, was it a great game?
you wanted to have invented everything
Usurper blue with red and stars
Trying to cover the Middle East with blood

That’s one small lie is man
One giant manipulation for Mankind

We’re running around the giant Emperor
They surround us, no choices
A small voice of the Third World
Tries to shout to the Apollo 11


Wild Civilization [Daniel Corpse]

The jungle human animals
It’s very busy and noisy
Herds of murderers men
Thirsty for blood and money

The concrete mountains is surrounding us
Turn into bars and encage us
Arresting us, forcing us to confront ourselves
Human animals struggle to survive

Wild Civilization
Wild Civilization
Wild Civilization

The rational claim himself as rational
As rational as a beast
Mothers kill children, children kill mothers
To gain power everyone turn into beasts

Our reasoning leads us to destruction
The destruction of our own race
We are all civilized
As civilized as beasts of hell


Killer tendency [Daniel corpse]

Put a gun in your hand
Feel complete power
Now you feel like the owner of the world
Raise the killer inside you

You walk through the world fear no evil
You got the power, you are the power itself
The first to cross your path
Will Regret for the rest of his life

Killer tendency, to kill his neighbor
Killer tendency, to kill yourself

Inside each one of us
There is a scaring creature
With a suicide tendency
With a murderer tendency

Even with the power in your hands
You solve everything in your way
Now everything is meaningless
You think you know yourself, you’ve got a mistake

I see no light at the end
There is a sign of hope
A terrible pain consumes you
Consuming your own life


Krig Was Formed in January 2007 in Belo Horizonte City. Lyrics deal with social, environmental, and Christian issues. Leaded by Isaque Soares. After he recorded a few songs he invited old band member Daniel, “FOF, Mercy, Unnamed and ex- Sabbatariam lead vocalist “.

In May 2007, Phillippe (Mercy and Unnamed Leader, ex-Sabbatariam) and Junior (Feel Burning Inside) joined the band. In November 2007 Krig released their debut album entitled Feed Me, which won the top 10 album of the year at the website Metal Blessing. In February 2008 Jully joined the band as bassist. In April 2008 Krig released their 2nd album entitled Stop the Manipulation, featuring Luke Renno from band Crimson Thorn. In August 2008 Vinicios Soares replaced Junior as Drummer. 1st march 2009 Krig released their 3rd album Target: Human, Mission: Destroy. In 2010 the band recorded the 4th Album Narcissistic Mechanism, supported by a sort of webstores around the world. The band is currently recording their 5th Album

Band members:
Daniel Corpse – Vocal
Isaque Sales Soares – Guitar
Jully Soares – Bass
Vinicius Soares – Drums

Decay’s Beholder
Drink the Third World
Lies of Santa Claus
True Human Nature
Threw Out Prophecies
Quiet Ocean of Lies
Wild Civilization
Killer Tendency

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News By Márllon “Roxx” Mátos
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