Old School Doom ‘N Thrash Metal Band ‘Adorned Graves’ Post Rehearsal Footage Video


Video footage of Adorned Graves‘s rehearsal sessions from the past year can be viewed below.

Adorned Graves have released their debut full length album which carries the title “Out From The Depth Of The Grave” on Aug. 7th.

“Out From The Depth Of The Grave” is a concept album about water, life, death, new  life and resurrection. The album is based on the story of Jona in the old testament as you can read in their lyrics too. In the video’s below you can listen to some samples of the songs.

Black Sabbath meets Slayer, Tourniquet meets Trouble, Vengeance Rising meets Paramaecium.
Metallica, Deliverance, Believer, Martyr and Betrayal are some of their other favorites.

Our review of “Out From The Depth Of The Grave” can be found here.

Adorned Graves from Kaiserslautern play Old School Thrash Metal with a touch of Doom Metal. You can feel the spirit of the late 80ies metal scene in their songs but they also add their own preferences to their sound. Technical, classical, fast riffing or blastbeats and grooves combined with melancholic, melodic elements define the music of Adorned Graves.

Adorned Graves are: Cailen (rhytmguitar, vocals, bass), Deafon (drums, vocals), Wormser (leadguitar/bass).

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