Brazilian Metallers Broad And Sharp: the Difficulties of Modern Interpersonal Relationships In New Single, ‘As Dores da Compreensão’


Clinging to the last thread of sanity while talking about the difficulties of interpersonal relationships in modern times, Broad And Sharp release their newest single, ‘As Dores da Compreensão’.

Following in the wake of the good repercussion of his return to the scene with the single ‘Sobre Meninos e Lobos’ released in February, ‘As Dores da Compreensão’ works as an invitation to unravel the enigmas of the human heart as it dances between the fragility of relationships and the flowering of new bonds.

About the new song, vocalist Wess Alves tells us that “it portrays a moment of almost mental disorder. Where the reality of life is as destructive as we can imagine. In the end (as we thought, of course. For God has his way of doing things) of a long-term relationship, the whole truth of a relationship is destroyed. Lies become truths and people are hurt, neediness sets in, everyone becomes your best friend and no one really cares, in the end you love everyone and no one loves you the same. So frustration seems to be just the end result . ‘As Dores da Compreensão’ it speaks of self destruction, passion and disillusionment, in the simplest of words”.

With lyrics by Wess Alves and instrumental by Wess, Levi Alves, Fernando Oliveira and Bil Oliveira‘As Dores da Compreenção’ was recorded at Estúdio 32, with mixing and mastering in charge of Estúdio TOTH. The lyric video was made by Fernando Oliveira and can be seen below:

Listen to ‘As Dores da Compreensão’ on the platform of your choice here.

Broad And Sharp is:
Wess Alves – Vocals
Fernando Bricola – guitar
Antonio Emerson – Guitar
Tiago Boni – Bass/Backing Vocals
Levi Alves – Drums/Backing Vocals

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